IOTW Ports its Micro-Mining Software to Realtek’s Ameba WiFi Chipset

IOTW’s micro-mining software has been ported to the Realtek Wifi chipset, bringing the company closer to its IoT micro-mining promise.

Blockchain development company AnApp Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (AnApp) has announced that its IOTW micro-mining software has been successfully ported to the Realtek Ameba (RTL8710BN) WiFi chipset, with technical support from Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

IOTW is a blockchain ecosystem for Internet of Things (IoT) devices that focuses on providing a low-power energy-efficient alternative to traditional mining methods. It operates on a unique Proof of Assignment (PoA) consensus algorithm that allows everyday appliances with microprocessors to be used for small-scale “micro-mining” of the native IOTW token.

“Despite all the recent publicity surrounding blockchain and digital currencies, most people are unable to benefit from it, mainly due to the technological complexity to mine cryptocurrencies,” AnApp said in a press release.

“IOTW, the IoT blockchain venture seeks to change this by allowing nearly all connected IoT devices (30 billion by 2020) to mine IOTW tokens without any additional hardware requirements.”

The RTL8710BN is a highly integrated low-power single chip, designed specifically for IoT applications. The chip’s embedded memory allows for faster and simpler application development. AnApp has already ported IOTW to other popular chipsets, including Espressif’s ESP32. In June, 200 IoT devices were used to demonstrate IOTW’s capabilities.

“Realtek is a worldwide leader in fabless semiconductor supply and their products are used in millions of homes and offices,” said Frederick Leung, co-founder and CEO of AnApp. “Porting our micro-mining software to Realtek Wifi chipsets marks a major step for IOTW’s adoption and penetration.”

With a revenue of over $1.3 billion in 2017, Realtek is one of the leading network and TV chipset providers in the world. Consumer electronics that use Realtek products have found their way into hundreds of millions of households.

The porting of IOTW’s micro-mining software to the Realtek Amoeba brings AnApp closer to its promise of bringing crypto micro-mining to IoT-connected consumer electronics. To find out more about IOTW’s goal, visit the company’s website for more information, follow it on Twitter, or join its Telegram for updates.