Interview: TokenTarget CMO Talks Crypto Marketing Trends and Industry Outlook for 2019

TokenTarget CMO discusses crypto marketing trends, price explosions and thoughts on the market’s direction in 2019.

Crypto marketing is as dynamic a space as the market itself. Where 2017 saw an explosion, 2018 was fairly silent and led many to believe that a slow death for crypto was on the cards. Now that we are into 2019, Cryptovest had the opportunity to discuss crypto marketing trends with TokenTarget’s CMO, John Lewis.

Q1) How have token sale and crypto marketing changed over the course of 2017 and 2018?

The market changed substantially from 2017, where it was accepted by all major channels such as Google and Facebook. We saw in 2018 that these channels were blocked and now there are very limited options for mass exposure when it comes to blockchain ventures, crypto, and ICO projects.

To facilitate advertisers, we created ADEXCHAIN which allows display marketing on over +300 portals that can be done on a CPC basis and essentially works like Google/Doubleclick.

Q2) Do you believe most token sale marketing campaigns were pointless?

No, I do not, and marketing goes above just creating traffic it has to do with the website, video, whitepaper design, pitch deck, analytics. Of course, other channels are important but if you do not do well with the foundation materials listed above, you will not succeed.

We do however feel that there were many pointless ICOs and that is what has lead to mass investor losses and the industry as a whole taking a nose dive.

Q3) Can you give some examples of great token sale marketing campaigns?

Yes, the work that we have done with and Sgame Pro were great examples. We helped raise over $30 Million in a mostly public sale and Sgame Pro over $12 Million on a mostly private sale. - Case Study - 
SgamePro - Case Study - 

Q4) Many advertisers complained about the pricing of token sale marketing services - do you think they were/are priced fairly?

Pricing shot up as the price of Bitcoin was going up and reached its peak in December 2017. Since then there has been a decline in successful ICOs and investor demand, and consequently, the pricing has gone down.

At the peak, there were some portals charging over $25 CPM which is similar to’s pricing.

This happens with other competitive industries like the ones listed below, which are from Google AVG CPC rates:

Here are the top 10 highest paid Adsense keywords for 2019 (by industry/niche):

Insurance $58 CPC.
Gas/Electricity $54 CPC.
Mortgage $47 CPC.
Attorney $47 CPC.
Loans $44 CPC.
Lawyer $42 CPC.
Donate $42 CPC.
Conference Call $42 CPC.

Q5) How do bull and bear markets affect crypto marketing trends according to you?

There is a major impact of bull and bear markets due to the fact that most people get excited when BTC and ETH were rising. Since they started declining many investors lost faith and are less willing to invest in new ICOs that are not proven yet.

So we do believe that with the next bull run there will be more ICOs and hopefully more real and legitimate ones.

Q6) Do you think crypto marketing is dead, or will we see a resurgence in 2019?

I'm a firm believer in blockchain technology and this cannot work without crypto so I do believe that it will take time, maybe until Q3/Q4 2019, but I do believe it will rise again. We need to see how Regulation and Mass Adoption will take place because I believe long term without these it cannot be a massively adopted technology. We need stability to gain investor belief and without these changes, we are unlikely to see a repeat of 2017.

Q7) How are you ensuring TokenTarget is ahead of the curve when it comes to crypto marketing?

We continue to evolve and find new ways and channels to help make sure our crypto marketing solutions stay ahead of the curve like the creation of the first crypto affiliate program AFFILICHAIN and ad network ADEXCHAIN we will continue to offer creative solutions for our clients. We also are pushing heavily with Conversion Rate Optimisation and working on impressive marketing communications as displayed with a recent client You can also watch a video we created:

Q8) What are you most looking forward to in 2019, in terms of new opportunities for TokenTarget

Working with clients that have real blockchain product use cases that can help with the mass adoption of crypto and blockchain technology.

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