Interview: Harris White Founder and CEO of Inter Blockchain Group (IBG)

Crypto hedge fund Inter Blockchain Group’s CEO and Founder, Harris White, his Head of Cyber Security and his CFO share their thoughts on the crypto space.


Q: How did this journey begin?

A: It’s incredible really, what we’ve managed to achieve in under 18 months at
Inter Blockchain Group (“IBG”). We started off as a privately backed crypto asset
fund and had some success in the first couple of months. It’s about building
trust, between us. Fortunately, I have a great team behind me, mainly Martin our
head of cyber security, we have Sofia, she is our CFO, and they work
tremendously hard behind the scenes to not only make us what we are today,
but what we will be in the future. You can invest in us, and you can be assured
that we will work hard for you.

Q: Describe your day-to-day routine

As CEO, I have many tasks to take care of in my day-to-day business. A lot of it
involves on and off site meetings. It looks glamorous from the outside but it is a
lot of hard work. Martin and Sofia as part of our family, we work tremendously
hard, I spend more time at work than with my family, as do Martin and Sofia,
however the work that we have put in and the sacrifices that we’ve made, justify
where we are today and where we’re going.

Q: What makes IBG different from other Blockchain investment firms?

Since we started in 2018, we have become one of the biggest crypto hedge
funds in the market with over US$800 million in assets and thousands of
investors. We are now working on derivatives based structured solutions such as
our Investor Intelligence Strategy. What makes us unique at IBG, is that we offer
our financial range of services that operate only in the Blockchain universe. At
the core of our operations is the Quantum Data Intelligence system that we use
to power our investment vehicles, optimize our portfolios and formulate
strategies – this is next level technology we’re talking about here, the kind of
stuff you see in movies, it’s what has accelerated us so fast in this environment.
We also provide securitized crypto loans to large institutions that require large
amount of cryptocurrency. I think a large part of what we do and want to achieve
is to eliminate the many inefficiencies and inconsistencies that exist in the
current “cryptosphere” and so far, we’ve managed to do that.

Q: What can we expect from IBG in the coming future?

We’re currently working on many angles to improve our company and one of
which I’m personally really excited about, that is global payment solutions which
will not only make our world smaller, easier to do business with, it will shrink the
global borders so this will be very significant going into 2020. Another massive
undertaking we’re working on is interoperability because right now there are so
many systems and different technologies out there that the way it is working is
limited because they are not working together, so what we are trying to do is to
bind them together in order to make our business more efficient for our

Questions and Answers from Martin Andersen, Director, Investor Relations & Chief Security Officer

Q: Cybersecurity in blockchain has been a contentious issue lately, what
do you think of that?

A: I think we can all agree that in medical, or banking etc, security is the number
one concern and blockchain is no different. Blockchain remains a budding industry, I think it is
important to highlight that blockchain technology makes data safer. At IBG we
believe in building trust so naturally cyber security is our number one priority.

Q: Perhaps discuss some of the security measures that you have

A: Parts of it involve hot and cold databases as well as quantum encryption that
the best supercomputers will take many years to crack it. The thing about
security is that you have to be always on your toes, and to be vigilant. Our
protocols ensure that we do not become complacent.

Questions and Answers from Sofia Valdes, Chief Financial Officer

Q: There aren’t many women in blockchain, why is that?

A: It’s more of a tech issue than a blockchain issue. Basically more than 90% of
our investors are men so you can see the gap there. The middle of last year I
started going to a lot of blockchain events and it was more of men over there so I
can see the difference, I was between a sea of men. The stakes are huge in the
blockchain space – the early winners they start to put the gap and the tone very
high for the new generation and I’d like to see more women in that. There’s still a
lot of work to do in terms of generating contents, awareness and education
amongst women in this space and I really want to see more women involves in
blockchain space.

Q: As IBG launch their Asian office in KL, what are the challenges in Asia
in terms of blockchain acceptance?

A: I feel Asia can easily catch up on the blockchain innovations, and we see that
in Asia we have new generations that may become the next blockchain unicorns,
hence we are very positive about that, that’s why we start a company here in
Kuala Lumpur. The region still faces issues with supply chain tracking, digital
identities and digital banking, with quality control and IP laws, they are not as
enforced as they are in the West but with the blockchain ledger it can help

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