Exclusive: Q&A with Robert Wiecko, Project Manager at Dash

Robert Wiecko talked to Cryptovest.com on the future of Dash and the potential for cryptocurrencies to challenge traditional finance and payment systems when we met him at the Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference in Kiev.


Robert Wiecko is Head of Project Management at Dash-Digital Cash. He is an experienced IT professional with extensive knowledge of project management. He is also busy presenting the Dash project around the globe.

CV: Dash has been around the world in the past month - how do you sense the enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies?

RW: We have seen exponential growth in enthusiasm over the past one to two years which is particularly visible in the US and Eastern Europe. Traditionally being seen as a “Geeky business”, the sector has been transformed by mainstream adoption with more and more well established companies seeking blockchain solutions.

CV: What's your strongest convincing point to invite new users to Dash?

RW: Dash enjoys a large and enthusiastic community and offers the best technology in the space of blockchain-based payment platforms combined with the cheapest solution available in the marketplace. We have been conscious to always bear in mind a clear vision of where we see Dash going, with a large focus on usability for both businesses and individuals.

CV: What will Dash gain- or lose from the Bitcoin wars going on? What happens if there are suddenly 4 versions of Bitcoin?

RW: Dash will probably gain more attention but I believe the "Bitcoin wars" are a big issue for the industry as a whole. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency and its reputation has a knock-on effect upon people’s opinion on the concept of digital currency. If the public were to lose trust in Bitcoin it would make it very difficult for us to convey the message that not all crypto-based currencies are ‘the same’.

CV: What is your takeaway from the Kiev meeting?

RW: My first takeaway from Kiev was that there is a big interest in crypto- and blockchain-based technologies in Ukraine. The community we encountered were well informed and enthusiastic on the future of Dash. We even noticed increased usability and acceptance of Dash even among ordinary restaurants.

We also encountered very innovative projects that are being delivered upon, I am thinking of one in particular connecting heating systems to mining units.

CV: What do people most often get wrong about cryptocurrencies?

RW: In my opinion there are two main misconceptions.

Firstly, the continued misrepresentation that cryptocurrencies are a mere tool to facilitate crime. The concept was not created to enable the darker elements of human trade but to empower individuals with the freedom to take back control of their own finances.

Secondly, that cryptocurrencies in general are a good source of certain financial return. Although I am a cryptocurrency enthusiast and believe strongly in the future of blockchain based currencies, I would warn any newcomer of the risks involved.

CV: What do you believe is the biggest challenge for DASH? biggest competitor?

RW: In the future, I believe payment processors like PayPal or Venmo will be our biggest competitors, but currently our largest challenge is overcoming the market dominance enjoyed by Bitcoin. In order to do so we need to communicate our strengths, namely our great product, exceptional team and our outstanding technology.

CV: How do you envision your users? Who does Dash appeal to?

RW: The release of Evolution*, which stresses usability, will appeal to all consumers and be as easy to navigate as PayPal or even credit cards.

CV: Which crypto projects do you find interesting? Which ones are worthy?

RW: Personally, I value the biggest players like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple because they bring real value to the industry and similarly to us focus on unique segments of the market.

CV: Who would have to be afraid of Dash? Who are you challenging?

RW: We as an industry are challenging the entire traditional financial system, banks, payment processors, and brokers. I don’t know whether they should fear us but they should certainly pay attention and learn from the efficiencies we have created for consumers. There is no reason to pretend that everything is perfect in the current system. Blockchain technologies and blockchain-based economy could help to overcome issues and build better solutions for people.

* Evolution is the upcoming wallet for Dash, based on a system of 4,000 verifying nodes for real-time transactions that would appeal to ordinary users, even those that are not technologically savvy.