Digital Land is For Real: “We will live in mixed reality” – Q&A With Arcona Co-Founder

An exclusive Q&A with Ilya Korguzalov, co-founder of Arcona, explains the future of virtual reality communication, advertising and ownership.

Arcona, a blockchain-based platform creating a layer of mixed reality over real locations across the world, has opened token pre-sales. Arcona integrates virtual and real worlds, providing a link between an AR layer called the Digital Land and natural landmarks on the Earth’s surface.

By 2018, according to Arcona's White Paper, the first digitized zones will appear in 10 cities favored by investors and tourists, including New York, Tokyo, Barcelona, and Rome. Ilya Korguzalov, Arcona’s founder, explained Cryptovest how the project would work.

How would people benefit from your project?

Our goal is to incorporate AR into the real-world business and build a community of content creators, Digital Land owners, entrepreneurs, developers, and 3D artists. Our ecosystem would allow people to collaborate on the projects and develop new AR apps for gaming, education, and tourism.

Who are the new owners of the Digital Land?

Many different people around the globe are interested in the project. Our early investors include real estate professionals, who see Digital Land as a new opportunity, and advertising experts. Placing real billboards in the world’s top locations is incredibly expensive, and AR ads could be an alternative.

What can people do with a piece of the virtual world?

The owners of AR layers will be able to sell or rent out their pieces to content creators, companies, developers as well as create their own projects and share the results of their creative work with the rest of the world.

The Arcona token is the internal currency of the ecosystem. What is the role of the token?

You can use Arcona tokens to buys or sell creative software, buy games, attend special venues, buy professional services, such as coding and content creation, participate in games. One token will buy one square meter (3.28 feet) of Digital Land at the auction, which is set to take place in spring 2018. The price of one token is 0.0027 ETH, equivalent to USD 1. Most importantly, tokens will provide an opportunity to make decisions on the future of Digital Land.

Why do you need a blockchain?

It’s a universal decentralized technology, and we will use blockchain to protect property rights of the land owners and identify who owns the land, content, software. Every transaction in the system will be reliable and transparent.

Who can guarantee that people won’t start placing digital content on the land that belongs to others?

All property rights, rules, and regulations for the Digital Land will be fixed in a smart contract. The platform automatically analyses the volume and origin of content hosted on each site. You do not have to waste your time preventing violations; the platform will be doing this for you.

Aren’t you worried that in the future governments will decide to tax the Digital Land or introduce regulations?  

Digital Land can’t belong to any state: it’s connected with the natural landmarks on the Earth’s surface but all data will be stored on Arcona’s servers. However, if your project violates the legislation or offends customs of the country where it’s located, authorities can request to block the content.

Arcona will investigate the case and will make a decision according to the system internal rules, because it’s necessary for the successful development and the reputation of the platform. If the decision of the local authorities is controversial, our legal services will be defending rights of the Arcona community.

On the 15th December, Arcona will be holding BlockchainMix, the first conference on blockchain and mixed reality in New York, where you can find out the details on the Digital Land.