Interview with Luckchemy Team On their Provably Fair, Blockchain-powered Gaming Platform

We recently had a chance to interview the Luckchemy team, and questioned them on various aspects of their new platform, from its fairness to its competition and use of crypto tokens.

You say you are a provably fair platform. What ensures the fairness of betting on your platform?

All games on our platform can be verified. Thanks to Luckchemy platform’s transparency, any user or third party will be able to check if all processes were fair - from choosing the winner to payoff. No special knowledge or difficult-to-understand instruments are required.

Who is your target audience?

Everyone who is willing to play, matches the legal requirements of their country, and if it’s legal there.

Who are your biggest competitors?

There are three main competitors: TrueGame, TruePlay, and TrueFlip. All of them have similar games, but there are a lot of differences. We are a platform that offers a turnkey solution for all industry players, and not only iGaming players. Compared to others, we are also provably fair, transparent and have audited smart contracts both for ICO and game processes.

What is unusual, or competitive, about your technology?

We put the fairness of the games into the center of the product, as opposed to our competitors who are trying to use blockchain even if it makes games more expensive.

Why do you use off-chain cryptography? How does this affect speed?

Off-chain lets us run games like slots and instant games that require 3-6 plays per second, which is hardly achievable on a blockchain.

How exactly are you using on-chain transactions?

There are some differences depending on the game. If we take the lottery as our first game, then we use blockchain to generate the winning combination.

What is the role of the LUK token in your gambling ecosystem?

LUK token is the internal currency of Luckchemy platform, which allows users to play any game. Also, they can be kept aside to participate in Holders’ Draw and Feedback Polls. By using LUK tokens, the 3rd parties get access to our technical solutions and benefit from them on their own platforms.

How does your ICO deal with tightened security regulations?

It’s tough, but we see a lot of interest and support from all geo’s where we’re represented. It motives all our team to keep working!

Are you open to all buyers worldwide?

We want and strive to be open to everyone. Unfortunately, there are some legal restrictions in several countries, due to which we are not able to offer both our games and tokens. But for such users we will have another solution - now we are developing a mobile app with free-to-play sweepstakes, thus allowing these users to play with us.

Is there anything you would like to add about the project to present it further?

Yes! But rather than listening I’d say just play our Demos on and have fun!

If you're interested in the project, you can learn more about the Luckchemy ICO or take a look at their MVP.