Insula, a London-based Crypto Hedge Fund Led by 22-year-old Jules Becci de la Rivière to Launch in Fall 2019

A new crypto hedge fund, Insula aims to be the “techiest” of its kind and is set to launch later this year.


Insula is a new crypto hedge fund, providing crypto-asset management services. Beyond hedging investors against traditional assets, since cryptocurrencies have shown little to no correlation with the S&P 500, computer-driven Insula Investment Management provides a hedge against the 50% Bitcoin dominance of the crypto-universe.

“Most crypto-asset managers don’t go the extra mile and limit diversification to holding a few crypto-assets only, abusing the ‘crypto hedge fund’ label for marketing purposes”,

said Jules Becci de la Rivière, Insula’s 22-year-old founder, who noticed a demand for sophisticated solutions for the fastest growing asset class.

“It is time to see which asset managers capture a premium over the entire crypto universe, beyond simply investing in the few largest market caps - there are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there!” he added.

Insula’s portfolio accounts for hundreds of cryptocurrencies and is continuously rebalanced and traded on a high frequency/low latency basis.

The newly established London-based asset management company only accepts investments in cryptocurrencies from investors who qualify for its unregulated activity.

No fiat is involved in the equation - “We do the accounting in Bitcoin” shared the founder.

Falling outside of the Financial Conduct Authority’s perimeter, Insula’s activity only addresses certified high net worth individuals, family offices, mutual funds, pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds. Special attention is given to AML and KYC during customer onboarding. In short, Insula is not open for retail investors.

Meanwhile, Insula was just awarded the second place at a selection round of the Blockchain Innovation Challenge, organized between the prestigious Columbia, Ecole Polytechnique, Sciences Po, and Sorbonne. The competition took place in the framework of Alliance, an academic partnership between France and the USA, running since 2002.

However, Insula is not stopping here, artificial neural networks and edge computing applications are on the list of R&D agenda for the fast-growing venture, while Sentiment Analysis, Volatility, Momentum, Size, and a plethora of compiled technical indicators are constituents of its multi-factorial models.

To finance its ambition to become the techiest crypto hedge fund available on the market, Insula is currently raising funds. The start-up is preparing for a seed funding round backed by industry practitioners, in order to develop its proprietary technology.

The team led by Jules Becci de la Rivière plans to go to market as a fully-fledged institutional hedge fund structure by Fall 2019. You can learn more about Insula via their official website.

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