IG Token (IG) Price Keeps Crashing as Team Member Deliberately Spread Rumors

The IG token price crashed from eight to three Satoshi at 12:00 UTC on September 9, after a Korean community member spread panic.

The price of IG Token (IG) suffered in the past day, losing more than half its value in Bitcoin terms, from 8 to around 3 Satoshi. The token, which is extremely low-priced, also slid in dollar terms, from $0.0005 to $0.0001 and even below that.

The immediate reason, as explained by the team on social media, was a rogue team member who sold a big holding of IG, and additionally spread a negative message about the project. The IG team tweeted:


IG Token is a newly traded ICO asset, having launched on the markets this August 12. The token is still in a price discovery stage, and has shown significant volatility. Still, even the sub-penny asset marked significant losses.

More than 93% of IG trading happens on Hotbit, where the price slid to $0.000158. On IDEX, the decentralized exchange, IG traded at $0.00151, and Mercatox saw a price premium in the ETH pair, with a price of $0.000285. The crash in prices happened on significant volumes above $1.6 million in 24 hours, which is a robust sum for a newly traded, relatively unknown token.

In the past few days, IG had a relatively good run, especially during the recent bear market and drop in ETH prices:


The IG Token project falls into the category of prediction market projects, which is a form of betting on event outcomes, or competitions. IG is somewhat similar to Augur (REP), which recently launched its app and a handful of marketplaces.

Right now, IG token sparks great optimism, despite the one-off selling event. The reason is that IG is looking forward to more exchange listings, and its market capitalization is still under $300,000, which allows for a big potential upside to growth. But the sub-penny price also holds a high risk for volatility and speculation, despite the optimism.

IG Token was a project severely affected by the withdrawal of potential backers for token sales. The team switched from the attempt at a crowdsale and instead distributed the IG tokens in an airdrop, in an attempt to reach more investors. IG Token returned the Ethereum raised in the failed crowdsale.

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