Huobi Launches Institutional Crypto Trading

The first phase of the service will support limited features for a limited number of institutional clients, but will eventually expand.

Huobi Group, a major cryptocurrency trading and services with a global presence, announced the launch of a cryptocurrency trading for institutional clients.

According to the official press release, the institutional trading service will be “an exclusive channel for institutions to ensure the safe, compliant and rapid deposit-withdrawal of high-value assets”.

The launch will be rolled out gradually. In the first phase, Huobi will offer limited services to 100 institutional clients and ten deposit-withdrawal deals on a first come, first serve basis.

The institutional trading service will include several features. The exclusive channel will provide the safe, compliant and rapid withdrawal and deposit of high-value assets for institutions. The multitasking feature will support multiple trading positions and strategies with up to 1000 sub-accounts, while the customized limit will let clients set their own withdrawal and loan limits. The Huobi institutional service will also provide exclusive on-call support service, access to industry analyses by Huobi Research and reports on investment strategies by Huobi Quant Academy.

The company will also give access to regular meet-ups with influencers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, media resources and seminars.

Qualified investors will also have a chance to participate in high-quality investment projects.

Huobi Group is a privately-held blockchain financial services provider active in 130 countries. The company has offices in Singapore, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. It plans to expand operations in other locations throughout 2018.

The Group has a cryptocurrency exchange for retail clients and also includes a mining pool, incubator program Huobi Labs, blockchain-focused investment fund Huobi Capital based in Hong Kong, Huobi Wallet and HADAX – an autonomous crypto trading platform for professional investors that launched in early April 2018.

In July a partner of Huobi, HBUS, opened a US crypto-to-crypto exchange, while Huobi itself launched in Australia, supporting crypto-to-crypto trading.