Horizon State’s Decision Token (HST) has grown tremendously since December 2017, starting from $0.30 and reaching almost $6 yesterday – a gain of almost 2,000%. Let’s take a look at the project and its value proposition.

An Australian project, Horizon State is looking to digitize the ballot box using blockchain technology. This means any results obtained via their platform can be trusted and publicly verified. 

"We were able to create an unhackable ballot box, a tamper-proof ballot we set out over the course of four or five months to start up that ballot box that couldn't be fudged that couldn't be changed," said co-founder Jamie Skella.

Cheaper, More Secure Method of Voting

Horizon State believe they will lower the cost of Electoral Campaigns by a factor of 10. The whitepaper includes several estimates of the cost-savings the platform can provide, such as comparisons of Australian national elections, where the cost per voter was estimated at around $15, with a total of $227 million spent per campaign. Horizon State estimates its costs to operate a similar vote at around $0.50 per person.

Australia’s recent $122 million plebiscite on marriage equality is another example of how costly the current system is, and how a platform like Horizon State can make a real difference.

Possible Partnership with the United Nations

Horizon State has also been in discussions with the UN, and while the exact nature and scope of these discussions haven’t been disclosed, this is what Skella had to say about it:

“We’ve had numerous ongoing conversations with the UN, and this one probably won’t be the last. This gives our tech the opportunity to help tackle these ambitious sustainable development goals with the UN. It’s incredibly important to us from a social impact perspective, and it lets us pursue an opportunity to quite literally change the world through our tech.”

Voter Education

The platform will be far more than just a tool to facilitate the recording and tracking of votes on the blockchain. Horizon State wants to inform voters of the relevant policies and allow them to learn more about the issues which should concern them.

The component of the project which collects the voting data is called MiVote, and its founder Adam Jacoby had this to say about the platform:

“When you give people true and easy to understand information, and the ability to participate in decision-making, they become empowered to reach consensus together.”

Where to Buy HST?

Horizon State’s Decision Token (HST) is currently only available on small exchanges including kuCoin, Cryptopia, and Livecoin.

Currently priced at $4.75, HST has a market cap of just under $150 million, and with its total supply of 48,240,070 tokens we may see the price go higher as it gains traction and gets listed on major exchanges.