Google Shuts Down Rumor Mill Over Its Crypto Ban

Google steps in to shut down rumors that it is changing its policies over crypto-related advertising.

Google is making a lot of headline news in the crypto space as of late, and there’s at least one area that deserves particular attention. It entails Google’s AdWords, which, as of this week, is called Google Ads. Since this name change, reports are surfacing that suggest Google’s anti-crypto stance doesn’t apply to this service.

It does.

Google slap

Google has taken several steps that observers see as the tech giant’s attempt to avoid the dark side of the crypto space. For example, this week it removed MetaMask—a browser-based Ethereum wallet—from the Google Chrome Web Store. The move sparked a panic inside of the community, and even MetaMask tried to fight the removal.

That was to no avail.

Rumor mill

Google announced at the beginning of the year that it would no longer allow crypto-related advertisements on its platform. Its fear was the usual – bad actors would try to promote fraudulent crypto schemes. In making that announcement, Google joined Facebook and Twitter in taking anti-crypto stances. However, in June, Facebook announced that it would reverse its ban on crypto adverts.

Its change of heart is likely behind the rumor mill that Google was also revisiting, and, reneging on its position. Also at play is a screenshot from a Reddit user who stated “Google brings back Coinbase ads!”

Setting the record straight

Google responded to these rumors via Twitter:

Of course, we’ll keep you posted about any changes.