Google ad Says "Cryptocurrency Isn't Real," Takes Swing at Mining

An ad put up by Google takes an underhanded jab at cryptocurrencies, with one of the actors declaring they aren't real.

Google’s ads for new products and services often take a more direct approach of plainly presenting their features in a cut and dry manner. This time, the company decided to take a different approach, with a “comedy” skit in the style of The Daily Show using two of its actors.

The advertisement was supposed to be a presentation of the new call screening feature present in Google’s own Pixel phones, featuring actors Dulcé Sloan and Ronny Chieng.

In one of the scenarios, Chieng shows excitement as he finds that he’s receiving a call from a very rich prince—a play at the “Nigerian Prince” scam. Sloan quickly takes the phone away from him, informing him that it’s an obvious scammer.

Immediately afterwards, the phone rings again.

“It’s the electric company. They say your bill is super high,” Sloan tells Chieng.

He then explains to her that his cryptocurrency mining activities were consuming plenty of electricity. Sloan then looks at Chieng with a mocking expression and says, “Cryptocurrency? That money’s not real!”

A Bitcoin maximalist would interpret this as being Google’s way of equating cryptocurrencies to scams. However, anyone who’s seen sit through The Daily Show’s skits long enough may find it more reasonable to suspect that the team’s writers were behind this particular skit, not Google’s.

Still, the search giant must have given the skit a green light before uploading it to the official Made by Google YouTube channel.

The video comes barely a few weeks after the company decided to lift bans on cryptocurrency-related advertising in the US and Japan. Maybe this was Google’s foray into its own style of crypto advertising?