GOLD.IO Aims to Build Superior Exchange for Safe Haven Assets

The project is looking to create a decentralized exchange for gold-backed digital tokens.

Sponsored, a sister chain of the EOS project, is on a mission to create a decentralized exchange (DEX). Supported by a team of over 30 experienced developers, it focuses on smooth inter-blockchain communication and the elimination of existing market inefficiencies.

The opportunities offered by the project stem from a unique combination of the power of gold and that of a community built and regulated by its members. The participants of the DEX will establish a Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) that will serve as a regulatory authority for the exchange. community members will have voting rights and the ability to define their own profits and influence on the project development. This approach will eventually bring closer a "golden era" where everyone can have their say and make an impact.

Since the early days of humanity, gold has served as the only true standard for currencies, and aims to become the same standard for exchanges. Despite occasional price manipulations and volatility, the precious metal is considered a "safe haven" for investors in turbulent times. It is not vulnerable to stock and bond market fluctuations and is not influenced by digital asset price movements, which makes it invaluable as a defensive asset.

With the overwhelming majority of stocks in a downward spiral, gold is on the verge of staging a strong rebound. According to Goldman Sachs experts, the financial markets are gripped by fear, which will push gold back to its leading position among investment assets.

It is no coincidence that many cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts team up to create digital tokens backed by gold assets and provide crypto investors with their own safe haven. However, there is no independent and fair exchange where such gold-backed tokens can be traded efficiently and with high liquidity.

The innovative architecture of contains features of a DEX, eliminating third parties and creating a secure environment where token holders are the only custodians of their gold.

However, the real power of lies in the cutting-edge features of the EOSIO blockchain and a strong community eager to spark the “golden renaissance.” The DAC will be self-regulated, with its members defining all aspects of trade, fees, and conditions for the greater good.

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