Gladius Joins Forces with Krypton Capital for Faster Product Development and Expansion

Gladius has received a large investment from blockchain venture-firm Krypton Capital, along with a commitment to provide strategic resources to support product development and expansion.


Gladius has partnered up with early-stage venture firm, Krypton Capital, which will be supporting the anti-DDoS blockchain project with considerable resources and a large investment. 

A Maryland-based startup, Gladius aims to fight the surge in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which not only threaten the cryptocurrency market, but also stifle freedom of speech and cause considerable financial loss to online businesses around the world.

Speaking to Cryptovest, Gladius founder and CEO, Max Niebylski, shared that Krypton Capital has not only made a large investment in the project, it has also purchased tokens and has committed to providing additional support, including: 

  • Cybersecurity professionals with expertise in handling DDoS attacks and setting up Content Delivery Networks
  • Access to high bandwidth data centers around the world
  • Professional blockchain developers to assist with project completion
  • References and connections to governmental bodies and enterprises for further partnerships

The project’s main focus is a blockchain-powered network which will comprise localized pools, where people can rent out their unused bandwidth in order to absorb the effects of any DDoS attacks. 

In this way, the project will completely change how anti-DDoS infrastructures currently operate and create a DDoS-resistant network which will be much more cost-effective for webmasters. Additionally, the global pools will also act as Content Delivery Networks (CDN), speeding up website loading times and improving user experience and search rankings.

All transactions on the Gladius Network will be handled by native ERC20 tokens – GLA tokens. Currently, the tokens are being distributed via a private pre-sale, which will end on November 23. After this, the public pre-sale will begin.

Founder and CEO of Krypton Capital, Ilan Tzorya, also spoke to Cryptovest, lauding the Gladius project and its team:

“We believe in the product Gladius is building and the team behind it. Gladius is one of Krypton Capital’s best investments and we are going to provide them with all the support they need. DDoS attacks are a menace and it is high time we come up with a scalable solution that is not cost-prohibitive.”

Krypton Capital, which is heavily invested in several blockchain ventures, will provide invaluable support to the Gladius team, and contribute to the development and successful launch of a robust anti-DDoS solution.

Acknowledging the same, Gladius CEO Max Niebylski added:

“Our partnership with Krypton Capital is a huge milestone for Gladius and we are certain, with Krypton Capital’s support and resources, Gladius is going to have a bright future and a strong position in the industry. This is really going to help us make our vision a reality for everyone.” 

You can participate in the Gladius ICO by heading over to their Registration Page and joining the whitelist.