Gladius ICO: Public Presale Registrations Open for the Next Generation of Investors

Gladius, which is a project aimed at combating the growing menace of DDoS attacks using blockchain technology, has opened registrations for its public presale.

While there is no shortage of new projects and startups emerging on the scene, especially with initial coin offerings significantly reducing barriers to entry – the one fundamental rule behind every successful project still remains the same: it needs to solve a critical problem.

Gladius is such a project, which aims to combat one of the biggest problems that threaten the internet – Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Not only are these attacks economically damaging, they are also increasingly being used to suppress freedom of speech and influence the level of access people have to certain services and information.

Traditional methods for dealing with such attacks are cost-prohibitive, but thanks to blockchain technology and the innovative approach taken by the team behind Gladius, the project can tackle this issue and also provide an additional layer of content delivery networks that further promote fast and seamless access to web properties and services.

Anyone can invest in promising ventures with ICOs

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have enabled promising projects to raise funding easily, but have also opened doors for regular people to invest in emerging companies and generate high returns without having to go through hoops.

Before ICOs, only influential people who had large sums of capital and links with brokers were able to capitalize on such opportunities. Now anyone with a basic understanding of cryptocurrency can participate in coin offerings and not only support the projects they believe in, but also gain a financial advantage as those projects excel.

Gladius Public Presale Registrations are open now

Gladius presents an opportunity with a lot of potential and their Public Presale is now open for participation - Click here to register.

While the project is a few months away from the Beta release, registering for the Public Presale will allow you to purchase Gladius tokens before the public sale begins later.

In order to get started, you will need to open a virtual Ethereum wallet and get at least one Ether to purchase GLA tokens. The process is very simple, and one of the best places to buy Ether is Coinbase, which accepts cards and bank transfers.

After you have bought your first Ether, you can click on the link below in order to participate in the Gladius ICO.

Click here to participate.

To further help you in the process, here is a video showing how you can open a wallet and get familiar with it:

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and let us know. You can also follow Gladius on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

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