GIZA Device Seeks to Develop a Next-Gen Multipurpose Hardware Wallet for Cryptocurrencies

GIZA aim to introduce a multi-purpose hardware cryptocurrency wallet with additional security features. Their pre-TDE is currently ongoing with 85% tokens already distributed.

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Over the next eight years, global demand for cybersecurity products and services will grow by 169.4% to generate revenues of $205.8 billion, according to New York-based intelligence provider Persistence Market Research. It is hardly surprising since the escalation in cyber attacks and money theft has positioned cybersecurity as one of the burning issues for the years ahead. 

When it comes to digital assets, these issues are further highlighted, for instance, just today we reported how IOTA users lost an estimated $4 million worth of digital currency due to using third-party seed generation sites. Given the large capitals invested in crypto assets, there is a need for additional security at a hardware level, and even though there are hardware wallets in the market, they are not multi-purpose, which means those looking to secure their crypto assets, data and passwords, need to carry multiple devices.

The GIZA project team saw the need for a sophisticated and enhanced multifunctional device with multiple cybersecurity and storage features. Thus, they created the GIZA Device – an innovative four-in-one device combining a cryptocurrency wallet, a password manager, encrypted file storage, and a two-step authentication system. This is a product that has no equivalent in the modern hardware wallet space.

Backed by a team with considerable experience in hardware design and development, GIZA is a sleek and capable piece of hardware that can be used to initiate and accept cryptocurrency transactions and confirm them right from the touchscreen display. GIZA supports more than 10 cryptocurrencies and most popular ERC-20 tokens, allowing them to be managed from the same device under a single account. Moreover, a user can have up to three separate accounts on one GIZA Device, where encrypted passwords can be entered directly.

GIZA tokens, which represent a unit of value in terms of the software license for each GIZA device, will allow holders to benefit from the company’s profits (as long as they make efforts to properly lease their licenses) as GIZA device sales pick up, since 80% of their cost goes towards the software license. However, all token buyers are required to acknowledge that the tokens themselves have no real value and are only profitable when used to lease a license to future device owners.

The GIZA Device crowdsale is already in full swing, and if you’re interested in participating, you can head over to their official site. The pre-TDE (Token Distribution Event) is scheduled to end on February 8, or as soon as 14.6 million GIZA tokens are distributed (85% of the tokens are already distributed). These funds are being raised for development, and the main TDE will take place in October 2018. In the current, pre-TDE, the tokens are sold at a pre-defined price of $0.30. For more details, you can follow GIZA Device on Twitter.