Gilgamesh: Building a New World for Readers and Authors

Gilgamesh aims to create the first social network platform for authors, readers, and content providers.

New technologies have brought new possibilities and challenges. While nowadays content consumers have almost unlimited access to information through the internet, they still laсk an effective platform where readers and authors can communicate productively and stimulate the market’s growth.

There is a lot of room for improvement in the book publishing universe. First of all, we need to eliminate intermediaries as they bring little value to the industry and at the same time impede the smooth interaction between authors, readers, and service providers.

What’s the solution?

That’s the problem the Gilgamesh platform is designed to address. It provides a secure and convenient marketplace where readers are encouraged not only to buy books but also share their views with each other and with the authors, write reviews, and actively influence the development of the publishing industry.

Since there are no intermediaries, self-publishing is the crucial idea behind the Gilgamesh philosophy. It means that it contains the necessary tools and functionality to guide the author through the whole process ─ from the concept to the distribution of the finished product in the form of an ebook, including DTP services, registering copyright, and marketing.

As such, Gilgamesh is beneficial for all participants: authors retain full control over their work and earn higher income from their sales; readers gain knowledge and communicate with writers to influence the content; and service providers have access to customers and are actively engaged in the process.

GIL is a utility token based on the Ethereum smart contract. It is not meant for investment purposes but has extensive application within the platform. It will be used to pay for books or services provided by the platform participants.

Gilgamesh ICO details

The public crowdsale has already started, but potential investors still have time until March 25, 2018, to participate. The company has limited the number of tokens available for sale to 18 million. One ETH will buy you 1,200 GIL, while the minimum allowed transaction is set at 0.1 ETH. If you are interested in the project, you can visit the official website or join their Telegram for updates.