Fusion is Building the Future of Smart Contracts

Even in 2018, the business of smart contracts is just starting - and Fusion aims to bring the technologies of the future.

Smart contracts sound revolutionary, but most are still very basic, or sometimes, insecure. Fusion aims to bring the future of technology to smart contracts, achieving a faster, more agile network of connections between users, tokens, and various blockchains.

Fusion has taken a task of building the usable, decentralized ecosystem that could reflect the interconnections of value. The project team believes that:

"The IoV, which is centered around developments in the blockchain space, is still in its very early stages, and because of that suffers from three main obstacles: interoperability, usability, and scalability."

Right now, cryptocurrencies operate in their separate networks, with little touching ground. Finding a way to move value across blockchains may be an answer to agility, scalability, and efficiently handling funds:

"We are entering an exciting new era of ‘Internet of Values’ which promises increased connectivity and inclusiveness," said Dejun Qian, Founder of FUSION, "However, the benefits of the Internet of Values are currently thwarted by interoperability, scalability and usability issues within the various blockchain ecosystems, all of which combined have hindered this technological progress. FUSION aims to remove these barriers, ushering in an age of a true digital economy."

To achieve the feat of scaling and speed, Fusion builds a layer of controller nodes, which are much faster at verifying and securing transactions than a blockchain alone. Nodes are the sweet spot between centralization and decentralization, allowing for another layer on top of a basic blockchain.

At the moment, even node-based transaction systems are isolated, only witnessing the native blockchain. Fusion aims to build a system that witnesses a movement of value across blockchains, in effect creating an ecosystem of crypto finance that mimics the financial exchange between communities. Because of the FSN token, and smart contracts, this goal is reached without a central intermediary, or an exchange.

The Fusion ICO starts on January 31, and ends on February 11. For more details, refer to fusion.org.