The new scheme released by Fujitsu today, aims to revitalize tourism and consumer spending by “...provid[ing] retail mechanisms, such as digital points, stamps and coupons, which can be used for a limited time in specified areas including tourist sites, markets, and shopping centers, using blockchain technology”

It achieves this by incentivising customers to scan QR codes placed around key tourist areas in exchange for promotional coupons to use in participating retailers, via a smart mobile application. The service will also feature data capture based on information gathered by the usage of coupons and limited data on the individuals redeeming them; Fujitsu state that this particular data will not feature information that can identify its individual users, and is restricted primarily to age and gender. This can then be interpreted by participating vendors to produce more precise marketing strategies, campaigns and a better overall consumer experience.

All information gathered, including all stamps, coupons and digital points will be stored on the blockchain, which will not only keep an immutable record of each promotional tool’s distribution but also their redemption, validity and all subsequent transactions.

In the lead up to this development, Fujitsu claim that they have already been field-testing promotional ‘stamp rallies’ on the blockchain with partners including Telephone West Corporation, Odakyu Electric Railway Co, Taiwan FamilyMart Co and The Chiba Bank. So far, they have been able to report that the data gathered from these trials has enabled them to radically improve “rapid sales strategies to respond to the desires and interests of various tourists”, and expect this service to provide more informed “customer attractions rates of special events at tourist sites… as well as an increased willingness to buy”

According to the official Fujitsu press release, this new service has already rolled out in Japan with an exhibition scheduled for June 13th-15 at Interop Tokyo, in Chiba.
It will become more widely available to other countries in Q3 and carries a monthly subscription fee of 1.5million JPY, around $13,600.