Friendz ICO to Launch Blockchain Platform to Connect Brands and Users

Friendz is a rapidly growing company that aims to become a mediator between brands and their target audience with the help of an alternative marketing tool – communication among peers.

Nowadays, people spend a lot of time surfing social networks and spend nearly 5.4 hours watching content created and shared by users they know, as multiple studies have shown.

Moreover, the growing number of followers affects the engagement between the influencer and the audience, and companies are looking for popular opinion leaders to reach as many people as possible, hoping to foster an indirect relationship with their target base.

Using word of mouth

Friendz understands that the potential and the speedy growth of social networks provides exceptional opportunities for brands to generate organic traffic.

The “Global Trust in Advertising” annual report by research group Nielsen reveals that 84% of respondents make purchase decisions based on the information shared by their friends or acquaintances. At the same time, only 42% of them decide to purchase some goods or services after they see online banner ads.

Friendz is supporting a community of more than 200,000 people, engineering the behavior of users and motivating their activities in the app. The project is engaging the users in the campaigns through Friendz Coins reward.

"Following the downturn of traditional advertising tools, companies oriented their marketing activities to Influencer marketing, a form of marketing based on the influence that famous people have on their network, sometimes made up of millions of followers. The objective of the companies  is  to  reach targeted  people  that are interested  in  what  the  influencer  they  follow  shows, rather  than  targeting the market as a whole”, comments Friendz co-founder Alessandro Cadoni.

Friendz ICO details

Friendz ICO is scheduled to start on March 1, 2018, and will run for three weeks or until the hard cap is reached. During the ICO event, 50% of all Friendz Coins available will be offered. The soft cap has been set at 50 million FDZ, while the hard cap is 750 million FDZ. The total supply is 1.5 billion and no new tokens will be created. All the unsold tokens will be destroyed.

Their Telegram community is now over 45k members and the ICO has received good feedback so far. If you’re interested in participating, you can visit the official website or follow the project on Twitter and Facebook.