FriendUP and the FRND Token Aims to Unify Blockchains

The FriendUP network allows individuals and commercial entities to engage in seamless ways across multiple services powered by a blockchain network.

The mobile applications market is growing rapidly and spurring demand for device-agnostic applications. According to projections, the market for mobile applications will expand to $340 billion by 2021. Moreover, the enterprise integration market is forecast to grow to $387 billion by that time.
That's where the Friend Unifying Platform comes, in designed to assist in merging these markets with Blockchain technology and allowing developers to gain access to a wider audience. Through powerful open-source infrastructure, digital world professionals will be able to work in a comfortable and efficient environment from anywhere.

The FRND token is at the core of the network’s economic model. It aims to introduce a fairer mechanism for trade between individuals and commercial entities, and tries to nurture stronger privacy and personal ownership over own data, property and subscriptions. FRND is also a means for incentivising the organic, user-driven growth of the infrastructure nodes in the network.

The Friend Network Token FRND will be the token for the Blockchain operating system - the Friend Unifying Platform. It will be the only means of direct payment in the Friend Store, and will also be used to reward infrastructure contributors in the Friend Network.

FRND will be used to pay for applications and services in the Friend Store. Just like a centralised app store, the Friend store will offer a convenient way for users to find applications, games and digital services.

FRND will allow developers to offer subscription models. We plan to cooperate with new emerging service providers like to offer state of the art functionality and fair revenue sharing for developers, content creators and other creatives.

FRND will be rewarded to users who run Friend Network servers. The Friend Core will contain functionality to enable microtransactions based on transferred bytes as well as storage and CPU usage on a participants’ systems. End users will be able to choose to connect to the nearest access node or to a further node that might be cheaper.

FRND will also be rewarded to Friend Workspace users who offer legitimate services through the Friend Store served from their Friend client (either in a web browser or Friend app).

The Friend Unifying Platform enables the creation of a virtual cloud computer that will keep the application and storage setups and thus drastically increase developers' productivity.

Friend’s philosophy is based on five pillars reflected in all aspects of the platform:

Freedom: Platform users are free to choose the instruments they like, innovate, and bring their ideas to life from anywhere.

Intelligence: Friend strives to encourage personal development by providing access to data processing and easy-to-use services.

Empowerment: Being free and open, the Friend platform empowers everyone with access to education, employment opportunities, and upward mobility.

Privacy: Friend stands for privacy, protecting users' data from structural or corporate abuse through strong encryption.

Integration: By integrating data, devices, and services, Friend tries to make complicated things more natural.

"After having developed Friend as a server and application platform for commercial use for over three years, we are now taking the next logical step," comments Arne Peder Blix, founder and CEO of the Friend project.

"Our original plan intended to take us into decentralized computing. Our mission is to turn Friend into a server node network that uses encryption, decentralized resources and Blockchain technologies. This means that anyone will be able to access their Friend Cloud Computer securely, at any time, wherever they are."

Friend ICO details

Friend has already opened its pre-sale stage, which will last until the public ICO, scheduled for April 16, 2018. Tokens will be allocated at the end of the ICO and the team is planning to keep the number of FRND tokens unchanged at 2 billion, with 1 ETH securing 20,000 FRND tokens for investors.

If you're interested in the Friend ICO, you can visit the official website or follow it on Twitter and Telegram.