Yoni Assia, founder and CEO of eToro, publically shared this new development as part of the platform’s efforts to expand their current services and offer diversified investment opportunities to their growing crypto investor user base.

“Over the last 12 months we've seen our investment community grow to over 10 million people around the world. Many of our customers are investing for the first time and they're investing in cryptocurrencies.”

“They've told us that they want to invest in other things, just as easily as eToro allows them to buy into cryptocurrencies, and to be able to have everything in one portfolio. Now, people can invest in shares with the same ease they enjoy when investing in cryptocurrencies."

This announcement has come at an opportune moment for crypto-traders who may be seeking more secure avenues of investment, while the cryptocurrency market continues to slide. By removing all ticket and management fees, loyalist cryptocurrency investors on the platform may be persuaded to reduce their current exposure on a single market and re-distribute capital across a wider range of assets. eToro also allows its customers to hold everything inside 1 portfolio as well as buy shares directly, improving on its former services which only provided for CTF trading.

"eToro enables people to invest in the assets they want to own, from newly available assets such as cryptocurrencies, to more traditional options like shares or commodities. We want investors to be able to hold all these assets in a single portfolio."  

By encouraging this marriage between classic and new-age investing, Etoro is breaking new ground as one of the first platform’s to try and bridge the highly contentious gap between these two financial era’s; with Bitcoin bashers and ‘Warren Buffeteers’ on one side, and die-hard cryptocurrency purists on the other.