Ethereum Vega: A Shady Fork, Possibly Containing Malware

Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum fell prey to the hard fork trend, where a new network containing the whole blockchain history starts working, but works with new rules.

Ethereum boasted of deciding on its evolution and going forward with software updates without creating alternative chains. But for some teams, this is not enough. Enter Ethereum Vega, a clone of Ethereum that promises it would not halt mining. Unfortunately, the hard fork was not a source of free money, but more likely, of malware.

Ethereum has around 18 months before mining is phased away. Ethereum Vega claims to be a hard fork that has already happened, which will not move to Proof-of Stake. The project would aim to "make Ethereum decentralized again", believing that mining is what makes a GPU-computable cryptocoin safer.

Currently, Ethereum Vega, probably named after a model of video cards, AMD Vega, has been promising rewards in the form of EVA coins through a Twitter account. Other than the account, a single post in the Ethereum subreddit was shot down quickly, not giving more information. The post was shot down for soliciting upvoted by offering coins.

The Ethereum Vega claims to have forked the Ethereum blockchain at block 4370000, with all owners of ETH before that block entitled to EVA coins. There is a site with upload links,, but it is best to avoid downloads before it is certain the project is not a scam. There is also a GitHub repository with the code, but so far, the hard fork is too young to judge how it would perform.

Ethereum Vega offers 10 EVA coins for following the Twitter account and sending in a public Ethereum address.

Lately, new projects have cloned old ones, but not from the genesis block. That way, a coin may receive an instant audience, instead of having to find its own user base. In theory, a blockchain forked with the full history would give access to the same amount of coins on the alternative blockchain. Most of the projects, like Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Silver, have focused on the leading coin, but for the first time, Ethereum was targeted. Presumably, it was in protest to the Byzantium hard fork, which paves the way for the end of mining.

Ethereum Vega claims to have perfomed an "upvote coin offering" on October 29, making an airdrop of coins for social media upvotes and followings, which led to Reddit bans. Users should be careful when sending their private keys- it is better to test Ethereum Vega with a new, empty wallet.