Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Stalls after Coinbase Listing

ETC stopped its rapid climb as trading on Coinbase opened, with the asset sliding below $14.

Coinbase finally opened its platform to buying and selling Ethereum Classic (ETC), causing mixed reactions among potential traders:

While ETC has a following in Asia, some users demanded the addition of XRP or other up-and-coming coins and tokens. Price predictions for ETC on social media were tame, suggesting a rise to between $20 and $35. More bullish projections allow for triple-digit prices. However, the listing has happened during a time when confidence in crypto assets is lost, so the price appreciation may not be as strong.

ETC has hovered within its regular range around $15 for weeks now, less affected by the sell-offs. Its behavior from now on may be an indicator of how much retail investors are ready to put funds into crypto coins.

ETC prices were volatile in the past 24 hours, rising to $14.91 at one point before starting to slide again. The leading exchanges for the coin remain OKEx and Binance, while the most active pairs are against Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT).

Some believe ETC is undervalued enough to grow as much as ten times and possibly rival the positions of Ethereum (ETH). ETC is a project that has taken a different development path from Ethereum, most notably with its intention to preserve mining. Additional features are similar to Ethereum, including smart contracts and the possibility for distributed apps.

But for most traders buying into the coin, it looks like another chance for quick gains. In the past, ETC has climbed above $40 only to quickly return to its usual levels.

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