EOSBet Launches Account System, Opens Floodgates to Mainstream Dapp Adoption

Leading EOS Casino dApp, EOSBet, has launched an innovative decentralized account system and completely refurbished website.


EOSBet, the first gambling platform built on EOS technology, is continuing its streak of big announcements this quarter after recently becoming the first online EOS Casino dApp to receive an official gambling license from a renowned regulator.

On January 5th, EOSBet launched a proprietary account system that enables users to deposit funds from any source and easily bet without the use of a 3rd party wallet or software. This account system also covers all resource costs for users, making free decentralized betting a reality for the first time ever.

All components of this account system are completely on-chain, meaning every action is fully viewable on any block explorer and becomes permanently part of the EOS.IO blockchain. The system is also non-custodial, meaning no one (including anyone from EOS) can access player funds. The account system allows players to create a unique username (allowing for special characters and emojis), and makes it easy to chat with other players.

EOSBet built this system with the average non-technical gambler in mind. It’s simple, intuitive, and even easier than creating an account on a centralized site. Players can sign-up with just two clicks! For the first time ever, non-EOS account holders can participate in EOSBet’s generous player rewards program by receiving the platform’s BET token as a bonus for wagering. This account system, in addition to a method of Bitcoin and Ethereum acceptance almost ready for release, will open the door to entire new markets of players.

These releases follow a strong end to 2018, where EOSBet released a completely redesigned website, a reskinned version of Dice, and a highly-popular betting game called “Crash”.

The release of the EOSBet account system, part of a series of key launches for the team in early 2019, opens the door for mainstream adoption and serves as another step in the team’s efforts to ensure EOSBet’s infrastructure will accommodate commercial scale volume.

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