EOS Tripling by End of July? John McAfee Thinks So

The EOS mainnet launch is coming, with three days left for token registration.

The hype around the EOS digital asset has three days to go - a last chance to quickly register token balances through the official EOS site, or to send the tokens to an exchange. Afterwards, the tokens become inactive and owners may have to wait for a workaround to receive assets on the new EOS blockchain.

With five more auctions including today, EOS has settled around the $12 range. The market price is around $12.91, with a 4% growth overnight. However, the hype is wearing out, and EOS peaked weeks ahead of the mainnet launch.

Some believe the price may go lower, as low as $5. But John McAfee has included EOS with a very bullish prediction in his latest round of short-term expectations. He sees the asset go as far as $36 as the bull market returns in the summer.


In the immediately short term, however, EOS trading is slowing down each day. At the moment, most of EOS trading is concentrated on Binance, with a 22% share of trading against Tether (USDT).

Because there are still unclear moments around the EOS token registration, this has caused scammers to try out the project for a quick gain. A phishing email has been circulating, inciting users to a rogue service called eoslaunch.io. The domain has been flagged for scam since.


What is curious is that the message came from a possibly hacked email account belonging to Block One. This mimicked official communication. So far, there are no known losses from the phishing attempt.

Even now, there are unofficial possibilities for registering EOS, which are usable. But the best solution is to use the official site, then check if the tokens are actually registered. The biggest potential trouble is that due to the email theft and phishing message, the EOS help desk would be too busy to help with the final days of token registration.