The EOS digital asset is about to add another milestone, by launching the Dawn 4.0 version of its distributed operating system. The launch is expected in a day, but for now only as a testing opportunity. The project has yet to select block producers and launch the mainnet on June 1.

The price of EOS has stagnated, barely moving in the past days, at around $18.07. EOS trading has also slid to much lower levels, or around 4.5% of all crypto deals, from a recent peak above 12%. With so much support loss, the price of EOS remains uncertain, and the level of $30 seems less realistic.

The EOS Dawn 4.0 was pre-announced a few days ago, and the price effect may also be limited at the official launch. Meanwhile, EOS has opened its source on GitHub and has launched a specialized site in private beta.

But for all the work done on the project, there are still EOS skeptics, seeing the asset as underpriced and not actually needed for the mainnet functioning, except to buy the right to vote and a Block Producer status.

In the coming days, however, the EOS market price may have some bullish news. An airdrop of the Evolution token is happening on May 10.

But the most important landmark for EOS would be the end of daily auctions, with just 20 left before the mainnet launch. The last few auctions hovered around the levels of the market price, just below $18.

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For EOS, in less than two weeks, the Livecoin exchange plans a delisting, to avoid the complexities of handling the new token. Users are also urged to register their EOS tokens ahead of the mainnet launch. From June 1 onward, the EOS token, based on the ERC-20 standard, will no longer be transferable.