Eligma Starts its Crowdsale with Soft Cap Goal Attained

Slovenian-based Eligma is a project that develops innovative solutions powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the online shopping experience.

The project has successfully finished its presale and reached the soft cap thanks to its supporters. Being true crypto enthusiasts, they were not discouraged by the risks associated with current conditions and agreed to set a fixed Ethereum price of $800 for the private and public presale rounds as well as for the main ICO stage that kicks off on April 17.

The e-commerce market will survive the tough time and uncertainty to become stronger.

“We believe that artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies are bringing a lot of good to the world, and we are excited to utilize their advancements for the development of Eligma in the years to come. Blockchain technology is disruptive by nature.

It often encounters resistance as it represents an obstacle to the existing system; it namely brings business transparency and, most importantly, the consumer as an equal partner into the decision-making process. Both blockchain and AI are in their infancy.

This makes us pioneers of the economy of the future. The fruits of our labor will become visible in the years to come, which is why the support of blockchain communities and novelty embracers is crucial at this point. With a clear roadmap for our project, we trust that crypto community members will be our natural early adopters,” said Dejan Roljič, founder and CEO of Eligma.

Roljič thanked all early investors for their contribution in reaching the soft cap in the presale.

Crowdsale goes live despite current market conditions

Eligma is pressing ahead with the crowdfunding campaign. The main stage of the token sale started on April 17. The volatile market conditions prompted the project team to offer investors a fixed price of $800 per ETH, which is higher than the current ETH/USD exchange rate. This is a way to minimize the risks related to the Ethereum exchange ratio drop, which put the early contributors in an unfavorable position.

Global growth is achieved by the joint effort of industry, business, and blockchain community.

During the past two months, Eligma’s team has released several statements to demonstrate its firm belief in what it is doing. There are prominent names on the advisory board of the project, including Andy Baynes (former executive at Apple, Nest and Google), Prof. Dr. Herman Eul (former Intel vice president), Herman Gyr (founding partner of Enterprise Development Group, orEDG), and Peter. Moricz (co-founder of ChainX). Charlie Shrem, crypto proponent and founding partner of the Bitcoin Foundation, is among the most recent additions to the team.

Dejan Roljič got the Best Pitch Award at the Crypto Summit that took place in Zurich at the end of March.

What’s coming: pilot project, beta version and new strategic partnerships

Eligma launched its testing lab in one of Europe's largest and most diverse shopping centers – real-life Bitcoin City. The team plans to test there its cryptocurrency transaction system, Elipay, before it goes live globally.

The beta version of Elipay is nearly ready and will be deployed to the first testers of the system in the upcoming days. Early in April, the team presented the working alpha version of the AI elements integrated into the system.

The video published by Eligma, features three Eligma co-founders explaining the vision behind the project. Roljic said: “Our crowdsale is just the start of a long journey into the future. The most important task of the Eligma team is to stay focused, follow the roadmap, meet the set objectives, make connections and – based on its extensive blockchain and AI knowledge – create a unique product that will truly be able to offer the consumer all the assets it aims to deliver.

Based on strong foundations

Eligma is built on three pillars — AI-driven search, blockchain-based stocks, and ELI token-powered rewards. They allow users to find the best offers on the market, keep inventory, and participate in a unified loyalty program for users and retailers on the platform.

The project aims to solve the problems faced by the patchy and ineffective e-commerce industry. Eligma’s AI module will analyze a great number of products in a large item database sourced from online stores worldwide to help consumers find goods they need quickly and efficiently —with just one click. Eligma will be able to personalize the discovery process by taking into account consumers’ preferences and choices.

To learn more about the AI-powerd blockchain platform set to transform e-commerce as we know it, visit www.eligma.io.

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