DreamTeam Platform Seeks to Monetize Esports to Unlock $50B Economy

The project aims to eliminate the roadblocks slowing down the esport industry development.

Esports emerged on the fringes of traditional sports and video gaming and quickly became one of the fastest expanding segments of the gaming market, posting annual growth of 33%, research shows. Currently, over 200 million people play esports or view competitions, and this number is forecast to reach one billion by 2023.

While esports has the potential to become the number one sport of the future, specific roadblocks are hindering its development. DreamTeam offers a solution that will resolve most esports issues due to the decentralized technology and smart contracts implemented on its platform.

Insecurity and fraud: Industry participants do not trust each other, players often face non-payment of prize money, while sponsors and advertisers do not get the results promised. DreamTeam’s platform ensures secure transactions related to prize money payouts, salaries, and other transfers, while smart contracts guarantee compliance with the terms and conditions of deals.

Market fragmentation: The industry is splintered as there is no single database of games, players, sponsors, or advertisers. It lacks unified ratings and standards. The DreamTeam platform will become a single entry point for all esports industry players, providing a comprehensive market overview and enhancing the transparency of the esports economy.

Business analytics limitations: Currently, the industry lacks essential business tools for management, recruitment, coaching, media, sales, and marketing. Very limited knowledge and expertise slow down its development. DreamTeam has the tools to attract hundreds of millions of gamers and thousands of advertisers and sponsors, thus unlocking the industry’s huge potential for monetization.

With DreamTeam, anyone will be able to track players' and teams' performance through APIs, while smart contracts will stipulate the terms under which sponsors are satisfied and the team players paid.

"By offering an all-in-one network interconnecting all parts of the esports ecosystem under one roof, our goal is to make esports accessible to everyone willing to join and compete," comments Alexander Kokhanovskyy, founder and CEO of the project.

"As an all-in-one platform, we are unlocking the possibility for hundreds of millions of gamers, millions of teams, dozens of thousands of sponsors, advertisers and tournaments to securely connect with each other and become a part of the global esports ecosystem, where we have a unique opportunity to unlock a $50Bn economy in a matter of a few years."

DreamTeam ICO details

 DreamTeam, the world’s first infrastructure platform and payment gateway for esports and gaming, successfully completed its Token Sale Phase #2 on May 19, 2018. They attracted $10,106,035 (6,646 ETH, 412 BTC) in investment from thousands of esports enthusiasts and crypto investors.

If you're interested in the DreamTeam ICO, you can visit the official website or follow updates on Twitter and Telegram.