Dr. Yassin Hankir, You Will Need Saving After the Lame Savedroid Stunt You Pulled!

As CEO of Cryptovest, I felt the need to address this horrendous “PR stunt” and call out Dr. Yassin Hankir for his pathetic attempt at either gaining popularity or covering up his exit scam.

There are really clever PR stunts, really stupid ones, and then there are downright abysmal stunts, and Savedroid managed to “pull” the worst one so far.

Yesterday we reported how the Savedroid ICO’s website showed a Southpark meme and the founder Tweeted his goodbyes in what seemed like an exit scam as he chilled on a beach.

What followed was widespread investor panic, the Telegram group was a mess to say the least, moderators had disappeared and though unverified, people posted pictures of Savedroid’s empty offices.

Even though the risks of investing in ICOs are well-known by now, people continue to invest money they cannot afford to lose, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to give them anxiety attacks, much less scam them.

The official Savedroid Twitter account posted an explanation for the move, but in all honesty, it is one of the lamest ever: they did this to show the community how easy it is, and to promote better quality ICOs?


Twitter is mad and so is Telegram:

“What an awful idea. You realize the amount of panic you caused your investors? Now you want to give others ICO advice…”

“Don’t really think it’s funny or acceptable to play with people’s money like this. Poor show.”

“Even worse for me as a German is the bad publicity for our Fintech scene and the distrust created to invest into solid ideas (like this one here was before)”

“What u did was unethical, immoral and down right nasty. U cost a lot of ppl time & even managed to get people scammed into donating to ppl who said they were ruined by ur project. Ur so called 'lesson' was ill conceived & will be starting a petition to request ur removal as CEO!”

And this isn’t even all of it. We believe Dr. Yassin Hankar should be sued for the mental anguish and emotional distress he caused his investors, and those of other ICOs, who felt shaken by his pathetic PR stunt.

If he really wants to continue this, and wants to earn back the trust he lost, he may just need to wear a GPS tracker, share every single detail about his personal life and live stream 4 times a day to show his location in real time and assure everyone he isn’t running away.