DMarket and Unity Lead Blockchain Revolution in Gaming

Partnership allows game developers and players to monetize in-game items within blockchain–powered ecosystem.


DMarket, the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for trading in-game items, has announced the launch of its ready-to-use software development kit (SDK) in the Unity Technologies Asset Store. This offers game developers an additional revenue stream, while players get a chance to monetize their gaming time.

The annual turnover of in-game items is estimated at several billion up to 50 billion dollars, according to different evaluations. Despite these impressive figures, the market is still limited to a few separate game worlds and is badly affected by fraud.

DMarket leverages blockchain technology to get rid of restrictions that prevent the virtual goods market from reaching its true potential. Connecting different games to a single blockchain-based ecosystem, DMarket is enabling cross-game and cross-platform trading while eliminating fraud risk factors.

The launch of the SDK in collaboration with Unity Technologies is a big step forward for DMarket and the whole gaming industry. The ready-to-use solution allows Unity game developers to connect their titles to the marketplace and make their in-game content available for buying, selling, and collecting. With up to 80% of trading fees from each item sale or resale going to game rights holders, DMarket offers developers and publishers a new revenue stream as well as an increase of general interest in their titles. Gamers, in turn, get an opportunity to trade earned or purchased items from their favorite titles safely and freely.   

Given that Unity is the most popular game development platform in the world, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that DMarket is bringing blockchain innovation to the mass gaming audience. About 770 million players worldwide enjoy games made with Unity, and many of them will soon be able to benefit from secure digital trading enabled by DMarket.

“We are seeing rising demand among our gaming customers to buy, sell, collect and exchange in-game items,” said Vlad Panchenko, CEO and Founder of DMarket. “Together with our strategic partner, Unity Technologies, we are pleased that DMarket can satisfy this demand by offering new monetization opportunities for game developers and players.”

“Game developers consistently come to the Unity Asset Store looking for resources to help make their games high-quality and unique,” said Hubert Larenaudie, Vice President of Asia at Unity Technologies. “Having DMarket’s SDK now available in the Store offers more options to developers to not only creatively design their games but generate revenue from them as well.”

The New History

The SDK launched in collaboration with Unity Technologies adds to a string of positive developments for DMarket. While raising $19 million during its ICO last November, the company had its trading platform already available in Alpha version. Since then, the marketplace has been regularly upgraded and now it is a full-featured platform where gamers actively trade items from such games as CS:GO and Dota 2. More games are coming soon, the company’s top management insists.

Unity Technologies is not the only gaming company to support DMarket’s ideas. The marketplace also partners with a number of notable video game developers, publishers, and distributors such as Xsolla, 4A Games, GSC Game World, Tatem Games, and KISS Ltd.

Expanding functionality of the platform, DMarket has been also upgrading its own blockchain designed specifically for trading digital assets.

Apart from the marketplace, DMarket has launched mobile crypto wallets for iOS and Android, allowing to manage both blockchain items and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DMarket Token and ERC20 tokens.

DMarket Token (DMT) is listed on such major exchanges as Bittrex and Upbit. In July, the token drew attention as one of the biggest gainers among all cryptocurrencies, with an increase of up to 300% at its peak.

Aside from the SDK for the Unity Asset Store, recent updates from DMarket include the hiring of tech industry veteran Nick Covella as the company’s Senior Vice President of Engineering.