DigiByte (DGB) Price Rises on Potential ZBG Exchange Listing

DGB is on the verge of earning increasing volumes on an innovative exchange targeted to the Chinese market.

DigiByte (DGB), a relatively obscure digital asset with a grass-roots following, is rising on expectations of a potential listing on the ZBG exchange. DigiByte rose by 20% in a week, touching prices of $0.015. The vote on ZBG, a part of the ZB.com group, shows DGB in the lead.


DGB is an innovative asset that has been trying to recover from the bear market for a long time. During the bear market lows, DGB traded below a penny. Now, the expectations are for the coin to reach $0.02.

DigiByte also got a boost from being supported within the Bitfi wallet:


Additionally, the asset is making progress in its Android app for payments. The coin remains one of the few assets that are seen as undervalued, and are yet in the grass-roots phase. DGB was lifted as high as $0.11 during the peak bull market in late 2017, sinking by more than 90% subsequently. Now, the asset is entering a stage of renewal, struggling to find new markets and volumes.

DGB is an asset highly dependent on Bittrex and Poloniex. As both exchanges show a slowdown in volumes and restrict US-based traders, the hope for DGB is to boost its volumes based on the heightened activity of Asian traders.

DGB is also highly dependent on the price of BTC, as a significant part of the trades happen in the DGB/BTC pair. At the same time, DGB is near its lows at 160 Satoshi, potentially giving way for appreciation against BTC. The DigiByte project has been in a prolonged fight to get listed on Binance, so far failing in this bid.

DGB remains close to the top 50 of coins, and the relatively low price offers a chance at significant returns. But so far, the asset is lagging and is yet to offer a more robust recovery.

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