Digging for Coins in the Alps: SAE, an Eco-Friendly Solution for Cryptocurrency Mining

SAE aims to deploy mining solutions in the Swiss Alps to reduce mining energy costs and minimize carbon footprint.

Bitcoin's estimated power consumption has been growing steadily in recent years, according to Digiconomist's Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index (BECI). Currently, it stands at 69 TWh, which is more than what the Czech Republic consumes and half the annual power usage in the Netherlands. Considering that these calculations exclude altcoins, the actual damage to the environment is far more severe.

While the cryptocurrency community is taking criticism for the energy-intensive nature of mining and struggling to reduce electricity costs, thousands of unused buildings in the Swiss Alps can become the solution to the energy-related problems of the industry. The boiling point of water is much lower at high altitudes, which allows saving drastically on electricity costs, conserving energy, and making mining significantly more profitable.

Mining at altitude

Swiss Alps Energy (SAE) has developed environment-friendly modular mining structures intended for long-term use. They can be deployed in empty buildings located at high altitude across the Swiss Alps. Modular mining systems assembled on-site from prefabricated, dust-protected components allow building sophisticated mining facilities and provide cutting-edge automation and flexibility. Low external temperatures enable natural cooling for the mining equipment, while SAE’s innovative Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system allows recycling the heat generated during the mining process to produce energy, thus making the mining process much more profitable and environment-friendly.

Smart assistance

SAE's mining structures (called Swiss Alps Mining cubes, or SAM) can be either purchased or rented with an estimated investment return of over 360% in three years of operation.  Apart from mining equipment, the company offers its customers the SAM Smart Mining service, also referred to as SamaiX©. It is an AI-based proprietary solution used to identify the most profitable coins to mine by tracking the mining results of users connected to the system and making recommendations. If it is accepted, SamaiX© is not entirely autonomous as it supplies miners with suggestions and helps them make informed decisions - it is up to the user to decide whether to accept the recommendation or discard it.

Swiss energy

Switzerland is famous for its experience with water power engineering. Hydropower is a cheap and reliable source of clean, renewable energy that will not run dry for generations to come. SAE focuses on purchasing small hydropower plants to create a decentralized power supply system for its mining facilities. Blockchain infrastructure combined with smart contracts IoT devices will allow achieving a high level of automation and substantially reduce the maintenance and administrative costs as the system will register the consumed energy and calculate the amount due based on the input data obtained from intelligent power meters.

SAE ICO details

The team initiated the private sale in May, while the public crowdsale phase is scheduled for June. The company plans to issue 311 million SAM tokens and put 68% of them up for sale.  SAM will comply with the ERC20 standard and run on the Ethereum blockchain. Investors can purchase tokens with BTC and ETH at the exchange rate of 1 SAM = $0.80.

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