Did Craig Wright Really Establish His Copyright Over the Bitcoin (BTC) White Paper?

Making a claim or a patent does not mean Wright has a claim to the reality of being Satoshi Nakamoto.

Dr. Craig Wright did indeed file a patent under his name, linking it to the Bitcoin white paper, and thus once again tried to prove that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. However, the US Copyright Office does not have the role of investigating each claim and issued a special statement, in this case, clarifying that it was not obliged to perform a thorough investigation of authorship, but to merely mark the claims made and make sure the copyrighted work was eligible for protection.

“A registration represents a claim to an interest in a work protected by copyright law, not a determination of the truth of the claims therein,” the Copyright Office explained.

This position goes counter to the claims of Wright’s supporters, mostly also linked to the Bitcoin SV (BSV) community. Their position is that if there is no one to oppose Wright’s claims, it is in effect validated.

It must be noted that Wright claims he is in control of the BTC mined early on, but made an elaborate explanation of handing over custody to third parties. This is essentially out of character for someone who claims to have designed a technological solution for individuals to have complete control of their wealth and assets.

“In a case in which a work is registered under a pseudonym, the Copyright Office does not investigate whether there is a provable connection between the claimant and the pseudonymous author,” the US agency added.

The claims of Wright also don’t go undisputed. Another claimant, using the @satoshin Twitter handle, appeared on Quora to counter Wright’s claims.

Under the handle of Satoshi Nakamoto, the Quora answer pointed to more evidence on the authorship of the white paper:

“But I do like the fact he made a false claim of copyright, as I have a Belgian depot of the white paper way before the date of 2009,” the other Nakamoto claimant wrote.

While some of the early claims of Satoshi Nakamoto were related to economic theory and extreme libertarian views, Wright’s claims to holding the “true vision” of Bitcoin are more pragmatic, related to the economy of mining and the features of the network. Those views are expressed in the Bitcoin SV project, which is yet to be accepted as “the real Bitcoin” by the community. The Wright filing led to the price of BSV rising from the $55 range to above $100 in the past few days.

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