Dash Gains Users with Wirex Card

Dash wants to be the user-friendly digital currency. A new partnership with Wirex makes cryptocurrency holdings even more accessible. Dash and Wirex see the Japanese market as a source of new users.

The Wirex team officially announced its partnership with Dash, or "digital cash", a cryptocurrency fighting for a top-notch image and ease of use. Wirex already supports Bitcoin cards, which allow for higher liquidity and usability of cryptocurrencies.

" Adding Dash to Wirex will support Dash in becoming an increasingly popular everyday payment instrument around the world," - said the debit card team in a statement.

Currently, Wirex is working to integrate Dash into its wallet and cards, with no clear launch date given.

Wirex also announced it would deepen its involvement with the Japanese cryptocurrency market.

"Our new legal entity and continued growth in Japan will help increase adoption of Dash throughout the fast-growing Japanese customer base," stated Wirex.

Dash itself has been on the path of expansion, looking toward the Japanese market where cryptocurrencies enjoy even higher mainstream interes interest and are often accepted as means of payment in retail.

Dash has been moving fast in September, with a recent conference on future developments. For a while, this led to market prices increasing toward $350. But after another series of bad news and sluggish trading, the price went back to the current levels of $305.

Wirex, however, believes the usage of Dash may lead to price growth:

"For crypto investors; we expect this partnership to support the continued rise in Dash far beyond the current $300 level."

The Dash company also partners with Blockcypher to offer solutions based on the blockchain for new industries such as healthcare.

The Dash company manages to keep a high profile by relying on a dedicated team, paid in DASH coins, to develop and promote the currency. At the same time, other major cryptocoins rely on grass-roots effort or a single charismatic leader.