Dan Larimer Hints at New Project, Suspected of Leaving EOS

Dan Larimer, the developer behind several blockchain projects, claimed he was still with EOS, while suggesting the creation of a new digital asset.

Daniel (Dan) Larimer, the developer and visionary behind several networks, has hinted at working on yet another project, this time a pure cryptocurrency that could be compared to Bitcoin (BTC).


Larimer’s move resembles his past behavior which has made him notorious to cryptocurrency proponents. In the past, he started with the BitShares project, the first version of a Delegated Proof-of-Stake ecosystem. BitShares became notorious for allowing exchanges to also become the biggest block producers.

Steemit (STEEM) was the second project based on DPoS, where Larimer had a large stake of digital assets. But the founders of STEEM vested down their holdings in the summer of 2018, leading to losses for the project, and the latest announcement that the Steemit platform was laying off 70% of its staff.

As for EOS, Larimer claims he is still going to be close to Block.One. But the governance has been handed over to block producers and various councils that have to deal with the way of achieving consensus on the EOS network. Unfortunately, EOS saw its market price sink to $2.88, after several steep losses in the past weeks. Starting in the middle of November, EOS prices slid down from the relatively stable levels between $5 and $6, but the asset went on to halve its prices.

The legendary ICO haul of Block.One may also have dwindled. While Block.One managed to sell EOS for thousands of Ethereum (ETH), the price of the asset fell closer to $100. Additionally, the daily EOS auctions may have been funded with “recycled“ ETH, and in fact the $4 billion holdings of Block.One may be much smaller.

After the sharp price in EOS prices, Larimer’s move angered members of the crypto community.

“I have great stakes in EOS, and use to be a big supporter of DAN. But these messages were exactly what I feared for, including the silences before these messages,” wrote one Reddit user.

Larimer’s behavior was seen as a reason to withdraw support from EOS. While he stated he would remain close to the current project, and in the past has been closely engaged with helping the consensus and acting as an advisor to block producers, the new coin is seen as a competition for Larimer’s idea leadership of EOS.


The EOS project has managed to gain some ground with a handful of functioning gambling apps. However, troubles with EOSBlack, which was accused of pulling an exit scam, as well as the initial troubles of voting and finding block producers, hurt the reputation of the project.

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