Stellar (XLM) remains in the top 10 of CoinMarketCap, in a month of stiff competition that saw projects rise and fall. For now, XLM has held onto some of the gains, but the network still has work ahead to compete with Ethereum for distributed apps and ICOs.

Stellar has announced a 95% decrease of basic reserves of the Gas-like digital asset, Lumens. This would allow users to hold a minimum of just 1 Lumens instead of 20, thus freeing up assets locked in the wallets. 

The news may have boosted the flagging price of Stellar, which could not break too high above $1. The past month proved that the trading price of XLM received too much of a boost, and volumes have settled to mode subdued trading. While XLM may have a future as an Ethereum-like digital asset and a usable network with a decentralized exchange, in the short term the price movement looks like a one-off pump event.

Stellar, much like TRON(TRX) is a part of a crop of up-and-coming coins, which attract newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies. With prices much lower per coin compared to Bitcoin, those assets seem less risky to new investors, who find Bitcoin inaccessible. 

At the same time, the wild price swings and high volatility remain frightening for newcomers, who may incur losses within hours, hoping for fast gains. 

Some of the popularity of Stellar comes from Binance, the newly created exchange that suddenly became attractive because it was one of the few places trading TRX. For now, the XLM price has not seen the effect of Korean trading, and there are no pairs against the Korean Won, so the price is almost similar across the markets. 

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And while Stellar is still relatively underpriced, it is best not to overinvest in the latest wave of coins, unless one is able to wait out the losses, or absorb them. With the fast climbs, the correction is just as rapid, since the newly arrived assets are still thinly traded and limited to a handful of exchanges.