Ripple (XRP) is one of the rare assets rising against Bitcoin, as the peak BTC prices are starting to look unnerving. XRP is the token behind the ambitious project set to displace the SWIFT banking system for international transactions.

On Thursday, altcoins slumped from their rise, with the exception of XRP, which grew by leaps and bounds:

Ripple is one of the projects with the strongest bid to bring distributed ledger technologies to the mainstream. The coins themselves may be of value as they can represent transactions in any asset, secured by multiple servers.

Ripple Breaking Boundaries:

Ripple (XRP) Price Breaks above $0.40 (Dec 13)

In addition, Ripple may get mainstream attention through Coinbase accounts, which have lifted Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin to prominence previously. But others believe Ripple is still available for early birds:

For now, the XRP rally continues, but the rise and hype resemble that of IOTA, which after a peak at $5.30 sank to $3.76, keeping only a part of the gains.

Ripple has entered the stage where the price rise is giving it popularity, fueling a further price rise. Media representation and the signs of becoming a mainstream project are putting the spotlight on XRP, making it defy the gravity of the altcoin market.

But Ripple is also speculative at the moment, as its network has not yet replaced the legacy model of bank transactions. The coin also does not have a proprietary wallet, and may only be held using Ledger Nano S, as well as exchange wallets, without ownership of private keys.

The Ripple project has come up with more dramatic news in the past, but currently, XRP is breaking out of a months-long bear market against BTC and some BTC investors are moving away from the leading asset, where the price levels are stalling, while XRP continues to offer growth opportunities.