CV Market Watch™: (POE) Aims for Recovery, Announces Media Partnership

The social media coin is waking up again, trying to push from the lows as positive news arrive. (POE) was a relatively new and obscure project, aiming to bring the power of the blockchain to media content. Now the coin is trying to recover from the recent drop, as it holds onto the $0.10 levels.

Canada to Test International Blockchain-Based ID System

The buzz around POE is linked to the Maven (MVEN) company, a mainstream media business and independent publishers' platform. The role of the project would be to handle the content and issue cryptographic proof of existence.

"This is our first big partner with significant scale,” said David Bailey, co-founder of and chairman of the Foundation. “Maven’s platform and network of passionate independent publishers is a perfect strategic partner for us, not only because of their scale, but because of their already-built ecosystem of content creators.", while seemingly an obscure asset, is in fact actively traded, mostly due to the influence of the Binance platform. The strong community managed to offer up POE as the community coin of the month in the fall of 2017. The search for low-priced assets on Binance continues, in a hope one of the coins could perform a feat similar to TRON (TRX).

The POE token has the advantage of being an asset bearing a small interest. In addition, the network is settled and secured by the Bitcoin blockchain, thus using the proof-of-work as evidence of originality.

At the moment, POE remains a speculative asset, with relatively low volumes. However, there are times of rather robust trading, and the price of POE has held up in the main trading pair against Bitcoin.

The Maven Company

The Maven company has an OTC-traded stock, which has spiked strongly in the past month. MVEN is yet another example of a small mainstream business entity seeking a boost from blockchain partnerships.

Po.Et and Digital Journalism

One of the main use cases for is that its platform and the POE token would allow immediate licensing and automatic payments for content.