With the NEO Devcon launching in less than 24 hours, no wonder the NEO price continues to hold on strong, displacing Stellar (XLM) to rise to position six on CoinMarketCap. At the moment, the opinion for NEO is for a very successful week coming.

In addition, two ICOs are lined up for NEO, as the platform starts to take off on its chief promise for 2018. Apex (CPS) is one of the projects, a blockchain-powered data marketplace. The project is in the preliminary whitelisting stage.

The upcoming Narrative (NRW) ICO is also scheduled for the next few weeks.

Besides NEO, the dividend-asset GAS is also rising, appreciating to above $65 after growing more than 23% in the past 24 hours.

Red Pulse (RPX), the most prominent NEO-related ICO, is still far from its peak prices, at around $0.26, holding onto higher levels after the recent spike to record heights.

Still, the chief news is the gathering of developer talent in San Francisco, where upcoming potential ICO projects would also be presented.

The Neon Exchange

With the growth in digital assets, ensuring trading for each and every new token is becoming problematic. Because of this, the NEO project would have a native marketplace, the Neon exchange, to be counted as another ICO on the NEO platform. The solution resembles that for Ethereum-specific exchanges and distributed markets, the likes of EtherDelta, but also up and coming Ethfinex.

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The Neon Exchange, or NEX, would have a double function: to list NEP5, or standard NEO tokens from ICOs, but also to connect to the Ethereum ecosystem and offer coverage for ERC-20 standard tokens.

And while NEO has done a lot on its own, the synergies of joining forces with the Ethereum ecosystem could bring the project further ahead.

NEX would also be a decentralized platform, but it also has an off-chain layer to handle market and limit orders. Yet the NEX project would unroll in the next 12 months, as it is still in the token sale stage. The exchange would run with the help of the native NEX token.