Ripple (XRP), which had stalled below $0.80 for a few days, moved again, reaching a peak of $1.01 before retreating.

As trading and the fame of XRP increases, so does its price, while the coin is still only in the test stage when it comes to real-time banking usage.

55 Billion Ripples Locked Away Today, Price Story Changes for XRP

In the past month, trading Ripple was the sixth most active trade, with a 20-day volume of above $26 billion. But the daily trading of XRP has thinned out a little, to around 4% of the market, as the leading coins again took the major cut of investor interest. The latest price rise of XRP above $1 is happening on thinned out volumes. XRP quickly loses the buyers that flock during the more active days of price growth.

The rumors that Ripple may appear on Coinbase in 2018 may be fueling the price rise, with expectations that the coin could cost a few dollars in 2018, and even more if widely used as a digital asset.

But so far, most of Ripple's publicity centers around tests and calls for banks to join in. And while some of the most famous coins are truly decentralized and leaderless, the Ripple project is getting run much more in the manner of a corporation, with a strategy and a board of directors. Because of this, XRP is different and sometimes viewed with skepticism by the crypto community, although appreciated as a speculative asset.

The Future of Ripple

In the short term, XRP may continue to be bid upward, as newcomers to the crypto world see it still as a low-priced asset. An addition to Coinbase may create another wild upswing and inflows of cash.

But the ultimate bid of XRP is to serve in place of the SWIFT banking system- presumably a long-term goal, as it is unknown at the moment how many servers would join the network. In the case of success, the XRP coin would be secured not by mining, but by an array of servers constantly comparing their versions of a distributed ledger.