Litecoin (LTC) not only fulfilled the $100 level way before the end of 2017, but it shows no signs of stopping. LTC rose another 20% in a day to above $370, showing that corrections could be easily overcome.

Charlie Lee, the coin's creator, celebrated the bull market with an improved profile pictire:

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Bullish on Litecoin Price: Top 5 Reasons for the Litecoin Boom

Litecoin trading volumes have picked up, rivaling the levels of Bitcoin Cash. And the predictions for 2018 are extremely bullish, with prices predicted to reach above $1,000, with $500 easily achieved in the short term.

The incredible bull market for altcoins comes with gains against Bitcoin, for the first time since the September crashes. Most altcoins are still depressed in terms of BTC, but investment is flowing away from the leading coin, trickling down to other enticing digital assets.

And while for some the price rises seem irrational, they may have been long overdue, due to the depressed positions against BTC.

While in the past week only a few assets broke out against BTC, now almost all coins in the top 20 of CoinMarketCap have recovered their positions. LTC specifically is also used as an easy and faster way to withdraw from exchanges, further boosting the price.

The Next Move for Litecoin

Litecoin, despite the bull run, has exhibited its usual "rock" behavior, as the community has established the habit of holding the coins. Because LTC has held a relatively low price compared to BTC, its moment has come, and selling may not be so active, pushing the price upward even more. A $500 level by the end of the year may not be out of the question. Still, Litecoin has days of volatility when it corrects downward by 20%, and in the past months has had deeper corrections from above $85 to as low as $30.

Litecoin may or may not repeat the stunning one-day growth when it doubled in price, but it has certainly made a claim to a higher price range. Litecoin investors are speaking of another "waking up", a spike when Litecoin grows fast from its old range of stability.