Cryptopia Crypto Exchange Reopens for Password Changes; Mothership Tokens Recovered

Fake accounts are already promising deposits and withdrawals, but the official exchange is still in the process of reopening.

The Cryptopia exchange is reopening with extreme caution, starting with the option of canceling old orders from before the hack and allowing password changes. Cryptopia has also reopened support tickets for 2FA changes and account renewals.

The Cryptopia exchange has kept up social media communication in a slow process of relaunching. With already two months since the hack, the exchange has not given a set date to resume trading activity.

Fake accounts continue to be a threat, especially those promising to open up wallets for deposits. The Cryptopia exchange is in the process of creating new wallets for storage and moving funds, to ensure greater safety.

The exact losses and balances are yet to be determined. But in an unexpected twist, one of the most affected token projects, Mothership, has managed to recover some of the lost tokens. In a recent blog post, the project team announced they were contacted anonymously and given the private key to one of the stolen Cryptopia wallets.

“Upon verifying and confirming that the provided information was legitimate, we promptly moved the funds to a safe wallet. We had managed to secure 16,800,000 MSPs and they are currently stored securely at our wallet here,” the Mothership team announced.

The funds, which belong to Cryptopia traders, will be stored by the team, and Mothership will cooperate with Cryptopia for the reimbursements. Previous reports revealed that some of the MSP tokens found their way into exchanges. The Mothership team is also cooperating with the New Zealand police to aid the investigation of the Cryptopia hack.

Mothership will also perform a token swap to reimburse affected parties and improve security.

For now, there is no information on whether other private keys were recovered from the hacker, and why the Mothership project was singled out to have its tokens returned. Other types of assets not belonging to the Ethereum blockchain are, for now, unaffected. Cryptopia is yet to share a reimbursement scheme for traders.

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