Crypto Influence Summit Promises to Have Crypto Enthusiasts Flocking to Hudson Club

The Summit will take place today (May 17) on the sidelines of Consensus Week and will feature rapper Mims pitching his blockchain project.

Cryptocurrencies were born as a niche thing, but there is hardly anyone now who has never heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, or some other coin. This phenomenon has been gaining popularity and generating mainstream publicity with astonishing speed, a notable recent example being an episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. By choosing digital currencies as a topic for the show, the British comedian highlighted the fact they have become a part of our life. The episode also introduced viewers to the world of crypto-inspired rap with a Chris Record song titled #HODLGANG.

Cryptocurrencies and rap music are forging strong ties as many famous cryptocurrency millionaires have turned into rappers, for example, teamHODL and CoinDaddy. Since many rappers have the gift of entrepreneurship, it is natural for established musicians like multi-platinum award-winning artist Mims to seek a merger of innovative blockchain technology and the music industry.

The Crypto Influence Summit is an event that will bring all creative forces together. It is set to take place today (May 17) as an off-shoot of New York City’s Blockchain Consensus Week. The summit is sponsored by and, the leaders of the blockchain-powered social media community.

The most notable annual event of its kind will feature prominent crypto influencers and social media-oriented blockchain projects and investors. The Crypto Influence Summit will offer its participants exciting opportunities to speak to renowned guests, participate in a pitch event, and engage in fruitful networking.

Ten startup teams will introduce their blockchain-based projects to a panel of opinion leaders, top influencers, investors, and social media authorities, including Basic Attention Coin founder Brendan Eich. Iconic rapper Mims will present RecordGram - a project aiming to spark a blockchain revolution in the music industry.

The summit will hold an award ceremony with over 100 crypto influencer nominees in 40 different categories. At the end of the evening, the participants will choose “Influencer of the Year” among the most prominent and respected opinion leaders and social figures in the crypto universe. Mims will present the award for “Best Crypto Musician,” while crypto enthusiasts all over the world will be able to follow the ceremony live on the official website of the event.

The culmination of the Crypto Influence Summit will be a fabulous after-party with live music from teamHODL, CoinDaddy, and Mims. An open bar and live DJ will add an informal touch to the event, while those who wish to network or create content in a quiet environment will have a lobby at their disposal.

The Crypto Influence Summit will take place today, May 17, 2018, from 5 pm – 10 pm in New York City. Tickets for the event are selling like hot cakes, so make sure you get yours before it is too late.

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About Crypto Influence Summit

The Crypto Influence Summit is an event officially endorsed for Coindesk’s Blockchain Consensus Week. It aims to bring together top crypto influencers for fun, networking, and conversations. The summit will feature several pitches and panel discussions centered on social media and blockchain. It will conclude with the Crypto Influencer Awards ceremony and after-party,  where entertainment will be provided by crypto musicians Coin Daddy and teamHODL, as well as multi-platinum award-winning artist Mims.