The adage that two heads are better than one is a popular one, and it has proven to be spot on in several situations.

Recognizing the value of this logic, Fintech startup CrowdWiz has set out to create a crypto investment platform that allows investors from all walks of life to come together and share their ideas with the goal of improving everyone’s returns.

On top of that, CrowdWiz wants investors to keep as much of their own money to themselves, and out of the hands of intermediaries. These intermediaries include banks, which don’t always keep the best interests of their customers at the top of their priority lists.

To help fund its effort, CrowdWiz is readying an initial coin offering, in which it will sell what it’s named the Wiz coin. It has slated its offering to begin on Oct. 10.

As it prepares, we reviewed the startup to learn more about how it is trying to poise itself as the next best thing for the Fintech industry.

CrowdWiz’s Benefits

The potential benefits of CrowdWiz’s crypto investment platform are plentiful. It is building an ecosystem that is based on the concept of crowd wisdom, which draws from the opinion of a group, instead of that from an individual

Not only do individual investors stand to benefit, but so do entrepreneurs who are in search of ways to finance their businesses, ventures, projects or financial services. Entrepreneurs can create a crowd to fund their cause and issue their own token to this crowd if they please. At their disposal will be an established investor community that can provide them ideas, and be prospective investors in their projects.

These entrepreneurs will even be able to list their own token on CrowdWiz’s own exchange. Called the WizExchange, the service will be free and allow these hopeful business owners to present their proposals to crowds of individual investors through an open network of contacts.

Decentralizing Fintech

CrowdWiz is creating what it calls a decentralized investments market that uses Blockchain technologies. This market is structured based on various technical devices and algorithms, and it does not need a central hub to work.

CrowdWiz’s thought is that a structure like this makes it possible for investors to deal directly with other investors and access funding, various bids and prices that otherwise might be blocked or involve intermediaries.

CrowdWiz’s Vision:

“…to reinvent the financial industry, the way the financial markets work and the way we invest our money and how we profit from it. Investors will benefit from financial services in a new, transparent way, and will be in full control of their investments. All of this will happen directly, with no middlemen, no hefty fees and no need to deal with the greediness and shadiness of the conventional"

The ICO  

After its ICO, CrowdWiz plans to list its WIZ token on all major exchanges traded against major crypto and fiat currencies, so that investors can buy and sell at any time.

Holders of the WIZ token will be able to create their own crowds, raise capital for their specific investment funds, and issue designated crowd tokens for their crowd on the ecosystem’s WizExchange.

WIZ token holders can participate and invest in these crowds by transferring their WIZ tokens. In return, they receive the designated crowd token.

The Challenge

The most challenging part of CrowdWiz’s idea is that it goes against the grain of what every investor has been taught, and that is to seek professional advice. The same lesson has been told to entrepreneurs. Wholly relying on the crowd is ideal, and may not attract those who are steadfast in wanting to seek the input of known, qualified professionals.

When all is said and done, however, CrowdWiz’s platform still stands to help entrepreneurs in several ways. It could help raise capital to finance their projects in ways that are efficient and secure by pairing them with investors interested in getting in on this new-fangled way of earning hefty returns.