Craig Wright Once Again Provides Unsatisfactory Evidence of Being Satoshi Nakamoto

Wright offered a list of public addresses from the early days of Bitcoin, as evidence he is the actual creator of the digital asset.

Dr. Craig Wright once again offered evidence which was deemed unsatisfactory toward his claims he is the creator of Bitcoin (BTC). Based on a court order, Wright produced a list of public addresses taken from the relatively early blocks of the blockchain.

Wright’s lawyers presented, then immediately redacted the list of wallets - but not before community members got a hold of the information. For now, the consensus is that this type of evidence is not enough, since Wright has not proven ownership of any private keys possibly belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto.

The evidence is part of Wright’s case against the estate of David Kleiman, regarding ownership of a significant stash of BTC coins.

The addresses listed are connected to very early BTC blocks - literally within days of the launch of the Bitcoin network. Wright claims that the Tulip Trust, an entity established to hold the BTC haul of his early mining operation, is, in fact, the owner of the coins in those addresses. However, most of the addresses see the coins unmoved - meaning if ownership was transferred, it did not happen through using a private key and generating transactions.

Further, Wright claims those early blocks were mined on computers that he ended up donating to charity, hence the lack of records he is the de facto miner of the early blocks.

The list of addresses could, in theory, be copied by anyone with access to a blockchain explorer, making the evidence even less convincing. In effect, Wright claimed ownership of the first 70 Bitcoin blocks, with no evidence he could transfer a single Satoshi out of those wallets.

Wright’s claims arrive at a time when the GotSatoshi site is just about five days away from its unveiling of the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. John McAfee, another figure who claims to know the true Satoshi, has so far kept his silence. Another Twitter personality, RealSatoshiNakamoto, claims to be the mysterious creator behind Bitcoin. Yet no one has shown control of the legendary haul of early BTC, worth more than $1 billion even at current prices.

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