Court Orders Bloq CEO to Provide Evidence in Craig Wright Lawsuit

Jeff Garzik, Co-Founder and CEO of Bloq, has been subpoenaed by US Courts to give evidence in the ongoing Kleiman v Wright case.

Jeff Garzik has been served a subpoena by the US District Court of the Southern District of Florida, requesting 28 individual submissions of ‘documents, agreements and communications’ relating to the the billion dollar lawsuit against nChain Chief Scientist and self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin, Craig Wright.

Garzik was one of the earliest developers to contribute to Bitcoin’s code and worked closely with its pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto through emails and private messaging. In a conversation with Bloomberg back in November 2018, Garzik asserted that it was his “personal theory” that the late “Floridian, David Kleiman” was in fact the true Satoshi Nakamoto. He went on to explain,

“The Bitcoin coder was someone who was very, very smart, but not a classically trained software engineer...It matches [Kleiman’s] coding style”

The Court action against Craig Wright is being pursued by David Kleiman’s brother, Ira, who claims Wright stole over 1.1 million Bitcoins belonging to Kleiman (worth an estimated $4.4 Billion at the current market value) as well as intellectual property. Wright was a former business partner of Kleiman, and offered to help the family liquidate his extensive Bitcoin wealth following his untimely death from MRSA in 2013. The family claims that this agreement was never honoured and that Craig Wright forged Kleiman’s signature to transfer the funds over to his own account.

The Court is hoping that Garzik’s submissions will help them establish 2 key points; whether Kleiman was indeed the real Satoshi Nakamoto or not (Request 14), and who has ownership over the bitcoins mined between January 2009 to April 2013 (Request 11).

As of today Craig Wright has allegedly deleted his active Twitter account.

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