Countdown Nearly Over For Qravity ICO Presale: Includes 30% Early Participation Bonus

The stage is set for the Qravity ICO presale on August 18th - 31st, where early investors can receive up to a 30% QCO token bonus for their contributions.

Qravity is a decentralised entertainment production and sharing platform, co-founded in 2016 by CEO’s David Brandstätter and Christian Sascha Dennstedt. The project aims to create a collaborative ecosystem where inventive media content creators around the world can work together to collectively produce and monetize films, music, applications and games. Qravity provides a blockchain-based solution that intends to revolutionize the existing media distribution and creation industry, in a way that is more cost-effective and transparent than production studios and record labels.

“Today’s media distribution processes are broken and unfair to creatives” argues CEO David Brandstätter, “We built Qravity to help producers find, manage and pay the talent they need to bring their amazing ideas to life. In addition to advancing the development of our operational platform, this token sale will also enable consumers and distributors to acquire QCO [that] they can use to fund and purchase top-quality original entertainment”.

Qravity’s native QCO utility token is an ERC-20 token that not only fuels the platform and its built-in media marketplace, but is also used to pay creators for their work. Payments, project progress, profit-sharing and ownership stakes are all secured by immutable integrated Ethereum smart contracts that ensure each contributor  is compensated fairly for their involvement.

Recently the team has announced a series of additional QCO token incentives which they hope will drive the platform’s adoption:

QCO Boost

QCO boosts have been incorporated to help cover the initial costs of beginning a collaborative project, allowing members on the Qravity platform to pre-purchase distribution products including streams, downloads and content licenses. QCO Boosts can also be used to give content creators advances against future royalty payments.

Prepaid Content Creation Pipeline

Through this mechanism, content creators and project founders on the Qravity platform can complete small, quick prepaid projects such as producing short films and request QCO deposits to cover team compensation. This way the community can earn tokens fast and start enjoying the many benefits.

Discount or Free Content for QCO Holders

Platform users that save up their QCO tokens can receive up to 20% off future Qravity content and be entitled to a free movie each month, for every 100,000 QCO tokens they ‘hodl’ - subject to the Qravity project discretion.

Instructions on how to participate in the Qravity token sale are available in this article. For more details about Qravity and its token sale, you can read the Qravity white paper and visit the Qravity website. The company also encourages contributors to join the discussion in its Telegram group.