CoTrader Invites Everyone to Invest or Manage Assets on Blockchain

The project aims to establish the first decentralized and democratized marketplace for investment funds.


Investing for profit sounds like an appealing idea, but it is often too complicated and time-consuming for ordinary people. They lose their way and cannot take a right or timely decision, thus failing to benefit from a market that generates top dollar for some investors. Investment management can also be rather expensive and risky since you have to surrender direct control of your money and rely on the honesty and expertise of a third party. Besides, most existing platforms offering copy trading and fund management are still centralized or experience liquidity shortages.

CoTrader aims to address the current issues in investment management through decentralization and democratization. This will be achieved with the help of disruptive blockchain and smart contracts technology that provides complete transparency of data on all transactions on a chain and allows people to retain control of their assets and conduct secure and low-cost p2p transactions without the need for any third parties.

The team behind the project hopes this approach will help it become the world's first and largest blockchain-based marketplace for investment funds enabling investors, or "cotraders," to operate together with proven fund managers, or "traders." CoTrader's goal is to build a fully decentralized platform connecting experts and investors and enabling everyone to invest in or manage funds on the blockchain. The ecosystem's transparency will allow users - for the first time in history - to obtain proof of fund managers' past ROI (return on investment) and their actual performance fees.

The core of the CoTrader platform is Smart Funds - Ethereum smart contracts created and managed by fund managers. Everyone can join such a smart fund by investing CoTrader (COT) tokens in it, receiving in return a share of this fund. When the manager trades the fund assets on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and makes a profit, each investor gets their proportionate share of returns. Importantly, investors remain in full control of their money and can withdraw their assets from any fund at any time.

CoTrader allows everyone to launch a smart fund although investors are likely to prefer following more successful traders, so fund managers should first try to build a strong ROI track record. Thus, the platform encourages traders to compete for better results to attract new investors. Besides, every trader is highly incentivized to keep his or her investors prosperous because, ultimately, this will result in higher personal profits as each fund manager also gets an incentive success fee, which represents a certain percentage of the gains generated for investors.

To address the standard issue of weak liquidity, CoTrader relies on its hybrid super-DEX infrastructure, a pool integrating the liquidity of numerous decentralized exchanges such as Bancor, Kyber, and 0x. Notably, the CoTrader protocol supports and automatically tokenizes cryptos, ICOs, shares, derivatives, and all other tradable assets from any exchange.

Furthermore, the company intends to implement its unique patent-pending second-layer zero-knowledge-proofs algorithm for fund managers who wish to keep secret their profitable trading strategies. Despite such privacy, they will still be able to reveal their ROI on the public blockchain to prove their returns.

CoTrader ICO details

CoTrader's MVP is already live on the MAINNET though the ICO, whose seed sale starts in September 1 and runs till November. During this period, the project developers hope to reach the hard cap of $3 million. The total supply of ERC20-compliant CoTrader tokens (COT) is 100 billion, with only 30% of them available for distribution in the ICO.

Please note that after the beta period, COT will be official tokens necessary for the use of the platform and payment for all advanced trading tools and services.

If you are interested in this ICO, visit the official website or subscribe to get project updates on Twitter and Telegram.