Convicted Domestic Violence Abuser Participates in Crypto Conference, Offending Many

Gurbaksh Chahal brags on Twitter about keynoting CoinAgenda conference, which attracts crypto enthusiasts from around the world. He leaves out his conviction for beating women. Attendees stunned he was even invited.

Of all the people to choose to speak at its conference, CoinAgenda chose someone who is a convicted woman abuser, setting off outrage from those who attended the cryptocurrency event.

The conference is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada this week. While the event had a hefty lineup on industry experts, it was LydianCoin co-founder Gurbaksh Chahal who seemed to receive the most attention.

While Chahal is not listed as an official speaker, he appeared on a panel. He tweeted on Oct. 23:

The accusations

 “Prosecutors said Chahal, 34, attacked a woman in his San Francisco penthouse in 2014, just a year after beating a different woman in the same apartment, and that his actions violated the probation he was placed under as a result of the first case.” – SF Gate

Fed up with his violent pattern of behavior, the judge in the case made him surrender his passports. He was convicted in 2016. The judge sentenced him to a year in jail.

It was even said that he was caught on camera kicking his girlfriend 117 times and smothering her face with a pillow as he told her: “I’m going to kill you.”  

Forbes reports:

“Chahal is also being sued by at least four former employees for harassment and discrimination. Three of those lawsuits name Gravity4 as a co-defendant, citing harassment in the workplace. Chahal has called the allegations against him “baseless” and “frivolous.”

Social media voices

His outrageous past actions, and conviction, infuriated many at the conference, and anyone else who got wind of it. In response, they set out to vent their frustrations.

Here are some of the replies on Chahal’s tweet about keynoting the conference.

“Seriously. why tf are organisers @coinagenda even inviting him to speak?”

“How many violent men with criminal records will be giving keynotes at @CoinAgenda? “

“shoulda done those background checks or at least had higher standards #ViolenceAgainstWomen

The bitcoin and digital currency conference ends Oct. 26.